Visual Poetry -

I can not believe I missed it! I had been looking forward to it and waiting and watching and waiting….and OOPS!… it went right on by. I told you I’m ADD. Thoughts and ideas come and go very quickly in this brain of mine. I know, I should have put up a note to remind me, but there are so many notes now, you’d swear my walls are painted Post-It yellow. And then, I forget to remember to read them and …oh well…

JOIN IN MY CELEBRATION FRIENDS! THIS IS MY 113 th POST!!! Bet ya never celebrated anyone else’s 113 th before, now have you?

I have found such joy in blogging. And you, my friends, are so much a part of that. So, thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. And thanks for coming back to read again. We’ll have a REAL celebration on my 226th! 🙂 🙂