Each year over 700 million Peeps are consumed during the Easter season. They are the #1 selling…non-chocolate…candy during this holiday. Peeps were first made in 1924 using a pastry bag. It took 27 hours for them to get to the ‘ready to eat’ stage. Today they are made in 6 minutes. Peeps are sold in 35 countries, and contain 32 calories each…and 0 fat. Like that really matters to a Peeps lover!
Suppose you don’t like to eat them…are you doomed to a Peepless life? Not at all.
Following are just some of the other ways you can enjoy Peeps.

1. If you coat your Peeps with a spray sealant, and let dry…you will have a lovely pin cushion for your dresser.

2. Take multi colored Peeps and gently stab their little bottoms with a bamboo skewer. Arrange as you would lovely spring flowers…A Peep bouquet…no water needed.

3. If you are a chocolate lover…and who among us isn’t?…fire up the old fondue pot. Dip the Peeps quickly into the hot chocolate…then enjoy. You can hardly taste the Peeps…which, of course, is the point.

4. Peeps which are left out in the open will dry to a hard state and may then be used for home decor. Exciting, isn’t it? Try them as book-ends or even a cute little paperweight for your desk. If you have been looking for a doorstop…you are in luck!

5. Boredom over taking you this Easter season? Well, Peeps to the rescue! Take 2 of the brave little soldiers and insert a toothpick into the chest wall of each. Then place them facing each other on a paper plate and set them into the microwave. Turn it on and watch as they swell with fighting spirit and become mighty jousters. Who will win? WARNING…longer that 1 minute in the microwave with result in an explosion of peepness!

6. If you have been looking for a special piece of art to fill that vacant space in your home…believe it or not….the Peeps Rabbits can help you out. Coat the back of the rabbit with craft paint and stamp it on an appropriate background. Add as many little bunnies as you like, you may even try coordinating colors. Let dry…frame…and hang with pride. A lovely piece of original artwork. Sit back and wait for the compliments to role in!

Now I will admit to you that I am not a Peep lover. So, I have no preference for color or species. However, my Mom…possibly the wisest woman on the planet, has this to say…”The yellow ones are the best, but if they are not available, the pink ones will do. However, do not come at me with those purple or green ones…they are just wrong, and I may have to hurt you.” Wise words for us all to remember.