And this is my handiwork for the day. My friend, Tina, came over this morning and we began phase 2 of ‘Operation Organize Tonja’. Today we completely emptied 2 storage rooms, then, sorted, organized, boxed, taped, labelled, and stacked approximately 150 boxes!…OK, it may have just been 15…but it felt like 150! And I forgot…DISCARDED!!!!! Yes, my friends, I have purged my storage rooms, and now they look soooooo good. And the best part is, everything that is in there now has been sorted and it moving with me. Believe me when I say, my next garage sale should be terrific.

As I shared with you before, it is very hard for me to throw things away. I tend to hold on to all the little pieces and trivia of our lives. And, there is always a good reason for keeping the things I do…at the time, but when I see most of the things again, I wonder why in the world did I keep that!?! I am trying to work on this…and I am getting better. I can really see how I have kept things that were not worth keeping, and only added to the clutter on our home.

Tina, is my task master…and I mean that in the nicest way. It is not an easy job to keep me on task at anything…and especially when it’s something I would rather not be involved in. But, bless her, she gave up her Good Friday vacation day to labor all day at my house. That’s a real friend!

We accomplished much today, even though there are about 6 more boxes I have to go through on my own. Then, after one more work day, much shorter than today…we can mark the sunroom …”DONE!” Only 8 more rooms to go! Good thing I have 9 more months, huh?
PS. My boxes are double this size…and all contents are neatly labelled. Not that I’m bragging, or anything…I’m just saying……..