While perusing the blogging world today, this post caught my eye. Jill talked about her BFF, her treadmill. This reminded me that I have one of those friends too. But, I have not been treating her very well. I never spend any time with her, actually, I do my best to ignore her, and sometimes I even try to bury her,,,under a pile of clothes! No, this is not the way to treat a real friend. And she is such a giving soul. I know for a fact that she wants nothing more than to help me better myself. She waits for me so patiently, never complaining or bringing attention to herself. She’s like, “I’ll just wait over here, under the window, in the bedroom till you want me. I don’t have any where else to be, so I’ll just be here when you are ready to spend some quality time together.” I know I should be ashamed. I’ve been taught better. I know how to treat a friend. I guess I just need an attitude adjustment. So, I promise to do better. First of all, I will dust her off, being careful not to cause a sneezing fit, the dust is so thick. Then, I think I’m going to take her for a walk. Yes, that’s what I will do! She likes walking. And she doesn’t even mind if I run a little, she can keep up. I think I’ll play her some good music, too. We both like walking to a beat. And I resolve, here and now, to visit with her everyday! She’s gonna be so surprised! My legs will probably have a few negative things to say for a few days, but I think I can get them in line, too!