There is a strange thing happening at my home today. I am in it…ALONE…by myself…no one else is here. Friends, this does not happen very often. I can’t remember the last time, actually. Alex has an appointment for a medical test in Birmingham in the morning, and since school has just started, I hated to ask off. So, Don was able to take him. They left this afternoon and will come back tomorrow. It is really quiet, with only the sound of Scooter snoring under my feet. Now what am I going to do with these 14 hours. There’s a South Beach Frozen meal for supper tonight, and I am meeting 2 sweet friends for breakfast before work tomorrow. I know I’ll not sleep well…never do when Don is away. I’m not scared…just not completely at ease. So, I’ll be up late, I’m sure. I need to clean out my closet….well, just actually hang up a bunch of clothes, and put my shoes away, and hang my purses up…just everyday maintenance that has not been done everyday for a while. Or I could watch this week’s episodes of All My Children which I have on my DVR. I got a wonderful book from Tina for my birthday, I could start on that. Oh, and yesterday, Don bought us a Dyson vacumn cleaner. The lady who cleans for me has been saying we need one for a while…the old Electrolux just ain’t cutting it any more. Ya’ll, if I had known haw much stuff was in my carpet, I would have moved out. This thing is amazing. My dog, Scooter, is a fox terrier. He is not meant to be a house dog. But,he is Alex’s companion, and so he has taken up residence inside with us for 12 years. He sheds terribly, and it’s a wiry little hair that just sticks into everything. I thought I had been doing a fairly good job of keeping it vacumned up…but, what she got out of the carpet yesterday was unreal. O.K. that’s enough vacumn talk. I’m not going to do ANY mundane tasks for the next 13 1/2 hours. I could get all the clothes in the hampers washed and put away….but, why? Actually, the reading thing is sounding really good…then a little AMC…then some more reading. Sounds like a plan, huh? Oh, what about the closet? HMMM…it’ll keep.
Oh, why don’t I just take a nap and decide when I get up?…..Night, Night.