I think the choice of Sarah Palin is excellent. She has been a mayor, and a governor with an 80% approval rating, while raising 5 children. I feel she is more experienced and more qualified to manage this country than B*r*ck O***a, who was a community organizer, and spent half of his 143 days in the senate campaigning for President. She is much more accomplished that BO will ever be. She is the Chief Executive of a State. Can you name any accomplishment BO has made?

It infuriates me how the ‘networks’ are spinning this. SP boldly speaks out against abortion. She lives what she speaks..choosing to have and raise her Downs child even though she knew it before the birth through genetic testing. Sanctity of life…that is what it means. John Roberts at CNN actually says that McCain choosing Palin is going to “cause her Downs child not to have a mother.” What an unfair and sexist comment.

BO spoke in his DNC address about ending genocide…isn’t it just as sad a killing of humanity when 38 million lives have been destroyed before they even had a chance to breathe? And that is 38 million since 1972. Palin is speaking out about this tragedy and actually lives the PRO CHANCE idea…a chance to live, a chance to breathe, a chance to love and a chance to be loved…she shows she truly believes what she speaks.

She is fighting to make the right changes in corrupt government. If actions truly do speak louder than words, she is way, way ahead of BO and JB. She has plans, and knows how to carry out those plans.

I was so disgusted to hear Jimmy Carter’s words against McCain…saying that he is “milking the fact that he was a POW.” He speaks about his life…and every thing that we go through in life makes up who we are at a given time. BO speaks as often about his early life and things his mother and grandmother inspired in him.

And have you heard what the ‘mentally deranged’ Mich**l M**re said today? The fact that Gustav is going to hit at the time of the RNC is “proof that there is a God and He is surely on the Democrats side.” Disgusting, and very, very sad. And sickening.

I have just finished rewatching the Saddleback Church Program with JM and BO. If you haven’t watched it, get it and watch it. You will know who is better qualified just on the basis of answers. No doubt about it.

Now to Gustav…Let’s all ‘pray without ceasing’ about this hurricane. It looks as if it can be worse than Katrina. But, it seems as if all the people in charge are well prepared. And hopefuly the citizens are as well. Mandatory evacuation is already taking place in Miss. and LA. God bless us all.

This is way more than I usually say about politics…but, I must say one more thing.

John Edwards was to speak at the DNC, but after news of his affair was made public, he was replaced…by Bill Clinton. Do you think they know the meaning of the word ‘morality’? Or care?