So, the way I understand it…there are companies that have manufactured extra of their products that will help contain the oil. But, PB won’t give the OK for the ‘booms’ to be put in place. Are you kidding me? There are many people with ideas that WILL work…but they sit on their ideas, cause no one has the OK to try them and see if , in fact, they will. If the President is in charge…what is he doing? Why can the areas not be declared ‘disaster areas’?

I don’t understand it all. I don’t know all the things that are happening. I just know more could be taking place to help…and politics is stopping it. Come on, people. Save the areas that can be. saved. Do what you can to stop more destruction from taking place. Clean up and restore what can be, before it’s too late for ever.

One of the first things young children are ‘graded’ on is “WORKS AND PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS”…….these ‘people in charge’ FAIL if I’m the teacher. Grow up! Work together! Do Something!

I can not watch early morning TV any more. It just 7:52 and already my pants are in a wad!!!




  1. My heart is just aching for the people and the animals that are affected by this terrible disaster. I agree – anyone with something that could help should be allowed to do so, and quickly!!

  2. Amen sister! Rant on! Just wish someone was listening.


  3. i agree, tonja! i say that everyone should quit wasting time blaming others and get to work!! get it taken care of!!!

  4. I totally agree! I was so upset to hear the CEO of BP say he just wants his life back!

  5. I agree with you and I just don't understand why every possible idea isn't being tried. When I see the number of days this has been going on it just blows my mind. There has to be something!!!!

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