Now that the 21 st has come and gone…and no Rapture….we can put it behind us.  Here are some things I ran across on the Internet today.  And, yes, I am looking forward to the real Rapture !

The world did not end yesterday,  It is just being rebooted.  Please be sure your security software is up to date.  Run a full scan of your life and remove any malicious files which may be damaging your joy, stealing your hope,or slowing down your blessings.If you should need more instructions, please refer to your User’s Manual, which should be readily available.or pur your hands together, bow your head and contact Tech Support!  *1





 Matthew 24:36,  “Regarding the date and time…only the Father knows.”  


***1 Pam Colarusso 

***2 Kat Davenport




  1. I love that, "I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." A beautiful song. Amen.

  2. Love it! My favorite is the "Keep calm and be ready"! We were discussing this in SS yesterday morning. The thing that bothers me the most about this is how they were claiming that the Bible said these things allowing them to calculate May 21. How sad that those who don't believe may have been given further reasons not to; I hate the thoughts of someone saying something like, "Well, how do you know the Bible is true? The Rapture was supposed to happen May 21 and it didn't." Things like that…..However, the important thing is to ALWAYS be ready!

  3. Some of these are so funny! I, too, am looking forward to the real one and am glad I don't know when that will be.

  4. You have moved again!!!!! I'm out of town, but wanted to check in and see what's going on in blog land!

    I am looking forward to our Lord's return too. I just want all my family to be ready!

  5. Now the guy is starting all over again about October 21. It’s amazing that God keeps having patience with him. But then again, it’s amazing that He keeps having patience with any of us.

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