Yesterday I started writing a post to report on Pop (he’s doing great!) and showing some pictures of that sweet and precious Baby Levi.



That was about all there was to report on…it had been kinda of a ‘slow news week’ around here.  Not that I was complaining, mind you…just reporting the facts.  And, I know that there’s the old saying about ‘knock on wood’ that is appropriate at such times so as to ward off any bad luck.  If you believe in that sort of thing.  I don’t.  Therefore, I didn’t.  Knock on wood, that is.  But, perhaps I should rethink that considering the events of today.  Hold on…I’ve got some reporting to do now…if my fingers will hold up!

FRIDAY:   Last week I asked Adam if he would take Finn to the Vet for me because he needed his shots and his annual checkup.  He is just hard for me to manage, with his jumping and pulling.  Adam said he would be happy to and he called yesterday and planned to take him.  But things happened and he got busy and couldn’t.  So, I told him I would make an appointment for Friday…which I did.  And, all was going as planned.  Life is good.


Today (Friday) Adam came to get Finn and took him to the vet.  About 2 hours later, I called to see what was going on, since it usually doesn’t take that long.  He said they had gotten behind and said for him to leave Finn and they would call him when he was finished.  “Don’t worry, Mom, I’ll get him and bring him home as soon as they call.”  Life…still good.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have been in ‘bad back’ mode.   I finally took some stronger pain meds about midnight Thursday.  I slept then, and till about 9 this morning.  My back was feeling better, but I planned to take some muscle relaxers today and keep heat on it.  So, I did not plan to leave the house at all…all day long.  And, in Tonjaville that means that I am in comfy, baggy pants, the biggest t-shirt that I can find and no make up….and that I may or may not have on upper body underwear.  Today, it so happens, I did. And, why I feel the need to share all the intimate details of my life with the blogosphere…I just don’t know. Except, I tell you everything else, so why not. And, it was to my advantage today that it so happened I was totally clothed.  Life is comfortable!

After I talked to Adam, I lay back down, until the phone woke me up…and everything broke loose…


ADAM…”mom, can you go get Finn?  I have to go pick up Levi from Suzanne at Circuit City and get him home.  I have a client to meet with at 5.”  [Suzanne and her Mom were going to Kid’s Market, a yearly sale of used baby and children’s clothes and toys and paraphernalia…sold so cheap you can get a whole wardrobe for $20!]

TONJA…(in her dishevelled state) ” sure.  Or, why don’t you get Finn and I will go and get Levi and bring him back to the house.  We’ll just meet up here”.  [See, I knew I could get Levi and bring him home and not have to get out of my car and be seen by anyone other that Levi’s other Grandmother, Mary.


SUZANNE…”Thanks for helping me out Mrs. Tonja, Call Mother and let her know where you are parked to get Levi.  But, don’t leave till I get there cause I have to smother my little boy with kisses because I haven’t seen him since this morning!”

TONJA...”no problem, Babe.”

I arrive in the parking lot and parked in a conspicuous space and soon Mary came and we switched Levi from one grandmother’s car to the other.  We sat and visited, and  talked about how blessed we were to have Levi and what a terrific baby he is, and how fortunate he is to have such wonderful grandparents! 😀  Life is sweet!


ADAM…”Mom, I need you to come on home right now because Finn jumped up and hit the door and it slammed shut and my keys were in the car and I have called a locksmith to come and open the car and I need to use your car to get to my house to meet with the bride and then I will come back and get Levi and leave your car and get mine.”

TONJA…”you do not have any spare keys?”

I see no need to share his response to that query.  I told him I was on my way.  I put the sweet baby in the car seat and headed toward home.  Life is messy!

“Do everything without grumbling or complaining.” Phillipians 2:14


SUZANNE…”Mrs. Tonja, Adam has locked his keys…”

TONJA…”I know…I’m on my way.  Tell Adam not to call a locksmith…it’s so expensive…let his Dad try to help him get it open.”

SUZANNE…”I can not get him to answer his phone.  I have called and called.  OK Bye”


ADAM…”Mom, this is what we are going to do.  The locksmith is coming and when you get here, I will take your car home and go meet my client and then come back and pick up Levi.”

TONJA…”Sounds fine.  I’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

I made it home and got Levi out of the car and inside.  And, after I changed his diaper, I said, “Levi, let’s go rock and chill out a little.”  I could tell Levi liked that idea…I know these things.  I asked Alex to wait for the locksmith to get here.  And, Adam left in my car. Sometimes, Life works out well!

Then Alex came down the hall with Finn close behind.

ALEX..”Mom, look at his face.  Something is wrong with his face.  Mom, LOOK!”

And with Levi on my hip, I looked down and sweet Finn looked like a Shar-pei.  You know those big wrinkly dogs?  And, he is a rat terrier.  His face was huge!  His eyes were almost swollen shut.  I was worried that, even though he was breathing fine at the time, it might not last.  And, while I know very well how to do CPR on an adult…I am just not up to date on canine CPR!”

I handed Levi off to Alex and headed to the phone.  The vets office said to come right on back in.

OK.  So I got the leash, and headed out the door and there was Adam’s car and the doors were still locked.  I realized quickly that I was not going anywhere.  Life is unpredictable!

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not

in despair…”2 Corinthians 4:8,9


ALEX..”Adam this is Alex.  Finn is having an allergic reaction to something and his face is getting bigger and bigger and his eyes are nearly closed and he needs to go to the vet and we don’t have a car.  When is the locksmith coming?”

ADAM… “they should be there any minute.”

And, they were.  Alex told them we had a dog in distress and the man said get your dog and I will have this opened before you get back and he did.  I fixed a bottle for the baby,  and told Alex what to do with Levi and headed out with Finn.

We made it to the vet before they closed and they called him a ‘shar-pei’ also.  The vet said he was allergic either to the flu shot or the rabies vaccine.  They gave him 2 shots and said he should be better by tomorrow.

[FYI:  I was still in those ‘comfy clothes’ I put on this morning.  (See why I’m glad I had on all my underpinnings?)  I have not been afforded the time to comb my hair or apply make up.  I’m a frightful mess.]

Adam came in while I was still at the vet.  He was so worried about Finn, he called his client and rescheduled. He has a tender heart for animals…well, except deer, of course.  (You know deer season starts about now. I’d rather not talk about it.)

The vets then gave Finn 2 shots to counteract whatever gave him ‘Shar Pei face’.  We got him home, and there was Alex giving Levi a bottle. He was obviously still hungry so I sat down then, and fed him his food.   And breathed.  Life is exhausting!

“Let us be concerned with one another in order to promote love and good deeds.”  Hebrews 10:24

A baby and a Mama and a Daddy and a Lulu, an Uncle and a dog...all doing the crazy dance of life on this late November day.  Working together, changing directions as needed, to get all taken care of...seeing to it that all were well and happy and safe and sound.  Isn't that what a family is supposed to do?  What a blessing to be a part of one who loves each other...

…Loves each other enough NOT to say, “YOU LOCKED THE KEYS IN THE CAR?”…even though one may have thought it.

…Loves each other enough NOT to say, “YOU FED HIM HIS BOTTLE AND FOOD AT 5:30?…Gee, thanks, now he’ll be up all night!”

…Loves each other enough NOT to say. “$65.00!  $65 TO UNLOCK YOUR CAR!”  (Oh, wait, I think I did hear that one!)  Said in love, of course.

LIFE IS GOOD!  And, all is well.

"I'm afraid my family tree is full of nuts!
But, don't tell them I said so."  Levi