Will someone please tell me who this strange man in the red clothes is supposed to be? He doesn’t seem to know many words, either…he just keeps saying “HO! HO! HO!Maybe he needs to work harder.  He’s older than me and I can say, “Ma-Ma-Ma and Da-Da-Da!”



“Will you look at this?  I was getting ready for my bath and here they come with that camera again.  Slapped my hat on and then showed me these pretty lights.  I forgot all about my bath!  These lights sure are pretty…but, don’t taste them…they’re not good!”


 What a gift to our family!  This sweet baby has has expanded our hearts and lifted our spirits to the highest realm!  We recognize the ‘Giver of Gifts’…our Heavenly Father, who gives ‘all things good’.  And the gratitude we feel in our hearts is over-flowing.


"The Lord has done this, it is marvelous in our eyes."     Psalm 118:23