Fridays are chapel day at our school. We use CD’s for some of our music, and for the others I play the piano. After we finish chapel, the children line up with their teachers and return to their classrooms. Sometimes, a few of our little friends will ‘break ranks’, and come over to get an extra hug from B or myself.

On Friday, this conversation took place, when a cute little 3 year old lad came over to me …..

C: Mrs. Owens, I think I need to get me one of those ‘panny-o’s’.

Me: You need to get what?

C: I’m just thinking I need one of those ‘panny-o’s’ like you got.

Me: Sweetie, I’m sorry, but, I don’t think I have a ‘panny-o’.

C: (laughing)…Yes, you do…I see-ed it today.

Me: Well, what was I doing with it?

C: (pointing behind me)…You was playing on it.

Me: Oh, you mean the PIANO!

C: Yes, Mam…I need to get me one of those panny-o’s, just like yours.