This ‘moving’ thing is getting expensive! Things you don’t think about before you move in. Light bulbs, certain type of picture hangers, bathroom supplies. Then there are door mats.

Let’s see…let me count…10!…there are 10 doors in and out of here that need mats. Well, I bought 1 real nice mat for the front door and 4 more for the other doors.
I thought that would be enough. That was before I counted the the doors. Not too bright…I know. However, the 4 mats that I bought won’t work because they slip when you walk on them. So, I guess it IS a good thing I did not buy 9 of them!

Yesterday, I picked up a new mat for the outside of Alex’s apt. because when Scooter and I come in from our nightly strolls through the forest…sometimes, our feet are wet. I checked to be sure this mat was rubber on the bottom…so it would not slip. Adam was here when I got home and was helping me with my packages. “I hope you got a better mat than those others,” he said…as he was removing it from the car. Next words…”Mom, you bought the same mat!!!”. Yes, I felt very, very dumb. And, I’ll admit I did not check to see what I had bought before I left. But, I did check to be sure I was buying one that would not slip…so I thought. At least I only bought 1…which makes a total of 5 slippy, unusable mats at my house.

Then today, coming home, I stopped in at Lowe’s to get a floor cleaning kit for stone floors. This is a different one than the one for the hardwood floors that I bought last week. Who knew? Thinking smart…I said to myself, “THINK…what else do you need while you are here?” And, I answered, “MATS…that do not slip!” So over to the mats I go and find a very fine selection. I checked this one and that one and then another one and tried to be sure they would not slip. I even put them down and tried to make them slip. They did not. Feeling very pleased with myself, I bought 3 mats and the floor cleaner, and headed home. I have no idea why I only bought 3 mats…it just felt like a good number at the time, I guess. Taking them out of the car, I thought, “These are some very fine mats…those guys will be impressed with my excellent shopping skills.” Adam looked at the mats…then he looked at me. The look on his face was not ‘GEE! MY MOM IS AN EXCELLENT SHOPPER! SHE BOUGHT SOME VERY FINE MATS!’ No. No, that was not the look at all. It was more of a ‘WHAT PLANET DOES MY MOM COME FROM? SURELY IT IS NOT THE ONE WHERE GROWN UPS KNOW HOW TO BUY MATS!’ kind of look. He took one of the mats…and walked to the garage door. Laying the mat down, he showed me in one quick move just how badly it would slip. I can assume the other 2 will do likewise.

And so, I will take those very fine mats back to Lowe’s tomorrow…and I will not…under any circumstances buy another one…of any kind…ever. Unless I can find this one:
Then, I’ll have to get it so they can laugh while we’re giving them ‘the slip’!