I do not enjoy most reality shows.  In fact I hardly ever watch them, unless it is truly a group of talented contestants involved.  I have enjoyed watching So You Think You Can Dance for 8 seasons.  It is amazing (as I’ve attested to you before).  These young people have put years of hard work into their craft.  I always look forward to watching.  And, they are truly judged on merit.  American Idol…not so much.  It seems to have become more of a popularity contest.  I did like the new judges, but the show became more and more risque last year…and quite inappropriate for children…who happen to love it!  Now if I watch at all it is when it gets down to the final 5.  Dancing With the Stars…EHHH…It’s OK.  But, I think they are really stretching it with the ‘stars’ bit.  It is nice to see the ones who truly try and become more skilled each week.

Then all those’ surviving in the jungle’ shows, and the ‘find a boyfriend on national tv and go on to have a meaningful relationship’ and vice versa…are the pits.  And, the losing weight shows, and the ‘getting knocked in the water by big scary looking contraptions’ are quite inane.  And then there is the ‘do this impossible thing in a minute’ show, and the newest one to hit the air, ‘It’s Worth What?’  I watched it once, actually I was in a place where it was on and I couldn’t leave.  If I could have, I would have slapped that television off before anyone could see me.  I tell you this, if I ever have to hear that man say, “It’s worth what?” again in this lifetime…..I will have to have my head examined, cause I’ll have lost my mind!!!!

But, FEAR NOT!  my fellow tv watchers…all is not lost.  There is hope for all of us who appreciate real talent.  There is hope for all of us who appreciate good music.  There is hope for those of us who appreciate the technic and the subtle nuances in a quality musical performance.

Here is what NBC has to say about the show…along with the website you can go to to find out more if you are interested.

“The Sing-Off” is hosted by multi-platinum recording artist Nick Lachey. Celebrity judges who will critique the singing groups with their expertise are Ben Folds (Ben Folds Five), Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), and Sara Barelles.  The show will feature the country’s top ten a cappella groups performing popular songs like you’ve never heard them before. There’s no lip-synching, backup bands, or safety net. They’ll be singing for America’s vote, with the winner walking away with the ultimate prize – a Sony Music recording contract and $100,000.

Now, if you are not familiar with this type of music, you will be surprised when you hear it for the first time.  It sounds like the music you hear everyday…complete with accompianment.  But, look around…there is no orchestra.  There is no band.  There is no lone pianist or guitarist.  All the sounds of the instruments are made by members of the vocal group.  Believe me, when you hear it the first time, you will not believe there are no instruments.  Last year the winners were a gospel group from Sweet Home Alabama!  They were a group of young, black men and were fabulous!

There are big groups, small groups, college fraternities, groups from the workplace…young and old.  It is just a delight to watch.  Watch it for a few weeks and see if you don’t really enjoy it.  This, to me, is music at its best.  Now, it is a reality show…so there is voting off and leaving the show to have to watch.  But, last year, each group had composed their own ‘farewell’ song…and sang it as they left the stage after being voted off.  Very nicely done.

There is so little quality television now.  It seems every show has gotten to be too filthy to watch…especially in a group.  But, The Sing-Off is totally safe to watch with your whole family…(Unless something changes from the last 2 years…and you never know, in television.)

Shows on Monday night at 8:00/7:00 central, starting September 19.  I’d love to know how you like it.