I was taught from a young age, to explore topics that interested me.  If there was a current event or issue that intrigued me, I was encouraged to learn about it  and see if I agreed or not and why.    Many parents would forbid their kids from reading about certain topics and would refuse to even discuss ideas with them.  That’s the way kids get wrong information,  they listen to other kids instead of finding out for themselves.  Or their parents refuse to share the standasrds and morals they themselves believe in.   This leaves the young person searching on their own with no guidance.   I adhear to the belief that the more information I have on something, the better decision I can make.  This is the same whether buying a new car, or finding out if there are ‘aliens amoung us.’  No topic was ever ‘off-limits’ for our boys.  Whatever questions they asked got an answer.  We may have had to search it out, but we found it.

My Pop and I were both interested in phenomena such as ‘visitors from other planets, or the ‘crop circles, or other’ strange sightings from way above the earth’.  We both read and share books…and even went to lectures on the subject.  And, then we formed our opinions.  Which is…we don’t know.  But at least we have a better understanding of why some folks think we have been ‘visited’ and why some folks are sure we haven’t. ( My sister used to say that I was really an alien…but I don’t think that’s true at all.  Besides I’ve seen baby pictures of me and my Mom.  Hmmmmm. can’t recall any of hers, though!)


I say all of those things so you will know where I am coming from with this post.  Tonight, I watched a program on the Science Channel.  The new series is called ‘ Curiostity’…and the program tonight was entitled’ Did God Create the Universe?‘  It shows again on the Science Channel at 8 PM on Monday, August 15.  Flipping through the channels, I ran across the programs notes,and I tuned in.

I saw at the very beginning, that it was going to be weighted in one way…toward science.  The first person on the program, and actually the only guest was Stephen Hawking,  considered the greatest mind since Einstein. The rest of the dialogue was taken from his latest book.

British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking embarked on a journey to explore the biggest question of all … who or what created our universe? The episode discussed the origins of the belief in a Creator, including those of Vikings and Ancient Greeks; explored the laws of science vs. the laws of nature; listed the fundamental ingredients necessary to create a universe like ours; and explained the relationship between the Big Bang, a black hole, and the creation of the universe itself.

Now, I have told you before that  I’m not good with the math, and science stuff.  I was surprised to find that with one of the very first questions…I could actually understand what they were talking about!  They explained that in the beginning there was NOTHING, (I knew that) and that there didn’t need to be anything.  And from this NOTHING…the world was formed (I knew that, too).  Then they said that was no need for God to be involved.   He wasn’t needed.  He did not start the world.    And, in their minds, that settles it.  They say it could have all been done with what was available in the ‘void’ at the time.  Well, of course it could have.   God can take anything and make anything out of it. I realize that science can explain many things.  I realize that they have found answers to many mysteries of the universe.  And I realize that according to them, there was no time, there was no sun, planets, atmoshere, or Earth until the Big Bang.  And, I can not discount the majority of their theories.  I can not say if they are right or wrong…I’m not that smart.  But, I do know they are wrong about one thing…it was GOD who spoke the world into being.  Now how He did it, I don’t know.  Were there things such as the Big Bang?  Could be.  Could not be.  But, if there was…it was God’s design.  It was His plan.  And, it was He who decided how the world came into being.

My Bible says, ”

 1 ‘ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ‘  Genesis 1:1-2 NIV

From The Message Bible…”God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t ‘ see.  Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness.

You know and can re read the account in Genesis.  But, after God had completed His work, He said that it was good.  And, the Bible says this”

  “Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array”.  Genesis 2:1

And from The Message Bible…”Heaven and Earth were finished, down to the last detail.”



The show was very thorough. and it went through many, many reasons why God was NOT involved.  It was such a one-sided and biased program.  As I said before, I do not mind watching a good debate.  I enjoy seeing each side present their arguments for and against.  But, this program gave no credence to God.  They even went so far as to say, that since ‘they’ had decided that there was not a God…..we must understand that there is no ‘afterlife’, either.  “This is all there is”, said Hawking, “so enjoy this world and do what you will…there is no more.”

To be honest, the show was well done, and I actually learned some things.  It was also presented, I think, for the average Joe or Jane.  It was easy to understand. and their positions were made clear.   It fills me with such distress, though, to think that those who have no strong foundation could easily be swayed to this thinking.   They were so sure and confident of their beliefs.  And, to be fair, there was an after show.  However…I just ran up on it by accident…it was on a different channel, even.  It was as if they showed a sliver of truth, but if you wanted to hear it, you had to find it for yourself.   It was not even mentioned on the main program. There was a known newscaster, who gave no opinions and 3 guests on the panel. Two of them were scientists who fully agreed with the show.  There was one Christian college professor and author who stood firmly on his beliefs that God was the Creator of life.  However, he was not able to give much of an argument for the belief in God, because the newscaster was asking questions of all of them.  And, I think he did a good job of giving everyone equal time, for a half hour show.


I am no expert on parenting…but this I know to be true.  Teach your children what you believe to be true.  Give them a foundation of godly principles and morals.  Go to church with them and discuss what you hear.  Let it become a habit to be involved in a group who believe the same things they do.  There are many different congregations and denominations who believe the same basic  principles.  Don and I were raised Southern Baptists, and as such, so were our children.  Two of them go to Baptist churches…one with us, one to a different Baptist church, and one attends a Presbyterian church.  Their beliefs were formed when they were young.  They learned what was right and wrong.  They learned what the Bible speaks about many different topics.  This is at the core of who they are.  So, I feel confident and at ease when they look at things that are outside the ‘norm’.  Knowledge is good.  Questions are good.  But, a strong foundation is one of the best things you will ever give your child.