Last week, Levi came to stay with Don and me for the day.  We have missed having him here every week, as Suzanne is out of school.  Don cooked him his favorite, ‘Baconeggs’…one word…and toast and fruit.  They ate and then got busy.  First they had to fill the bird feeder.  Levi and I have 2 special birds that visit everyday…Mama and Daddy Redbird!  And, their food was getting low.



Then Pa let him ride his tricycle down the lane for a little bit…even though he (Levi) was still in his pajamas!  He didn’t mind!  We didn’t either…just don’t tell Suzanne!  🙂  I couldn’t walk with them…this FOOT!



After their workout, they decided to sit a spell and check the paper to see what was going on here in Dothan…not much.



Pa had to leave for work, and Levi wanted to ride some more.  But, first, he had to take a potty break and get on some cooler clothes.  Even at 9 AM it was very humid and sticky outside.  I pulled up the rocker so I could watch him, and put out his barricade.  Our driveway has a steep slope to it…and once he gets past a certain point…there is no stopping till he gets to the lane!  And, since I couldn’t go after him…I gave him a stopping point before he hit the slope.  Then I sat back and watched.  He had such fun filling up the back of his train…which he is really too big for now…but he loves it the best… with leaves and pinestraw and rocks and bringing them to me and making a little pile of the most interesting things.

Why are these long?  (pine straw)

They stick together.  They pull apart.

Why is that leaf yellow?  Why you have no red flower? (hydrangeas will have to do)

What is that sound?  (weed eater)  What is that?  (garbage truck)  I hear music.  (wind chimes)

Big rock…little rock…WHY?

Is the sky blue today? (no it is sort of gray)  Why?  (because it is hiding some rain)

Rain and thunder?  Storm?  (maybe just some rain today) Welcome to summertime in the South, my boy!

We get wet?  (No, we will not)…but maybe we would if I did not have this cast on my leg…one day we will)

Oh the delightful mind of a three year old!

 “Stand still and consider the works of God.”     Job 37:14


He made a few more trips and then stopped to rest awhile right by my chair…so I took the opportunity to snap a few pics.  He wasn’t really in a smiling mood…obviously all this nature play had started his mind rolling!  I did manage to catch a few poses that brought some thoughts to mind as I looked back over them…




A little boy is full of energy! What a joy that is! God has blessed him with a strong body and a strong will. It is important that he has plenty of time to run that energy off. Running and riding and playing and swinging and swimming…all so wonderful to build up his little body and mind to stay strong.



There is a great big wonderful world that God made for him to explore. We must teach him some of the things we can do to take care of it. Watering the flowers, feeding the birds and taking the time to marvel at the size and colors of the leaves and rocks!

“You alone are the LORD. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, and all their starry host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to everything, and the multitudes of heaven worship you.”                 Nehemiah  9:6


We must also work on his interpersonal skills. Children need to be taught to be obedient. We say, “OBEY…RIGHT AWAY!” Now he and I do not always see eye to eye on what is acceptable and necessary. But, this is where we have to bring in a little discipline. Usually TIME OUT works really well! Adam and Suzanne do such a good job raising him. He loves to attend church and gets excited retelling the Bible stories. We always look for those ‘teachable moments’ to teach him about respect and good manners and politeness.

My personal philosophy is this…God made this fantastic, wonderful world for us all.  He put so many things in it for us to delight in.  I still discover new things everyday.  Wonderful and amazing things.  It even can be overwhelming to me when I think of all I don’t know and wish I did.  And, how do I even know what else I’d like to know?  Even at 61, I want to know and see all that I can.  I want to experience things I have only heard of!  (Well, not everything…but some sound amazing!)  So just imagine how a little one feels thrust into this same big, wonderful world!  They have to learn to navigate it as well.  It is so much easier when you take it a little at a time.  But they do not know that.  And, jump with boundless energy from one thing to the next…overloading all the circuits!  We must teach them to slow down…take time to really see…really feel.  We must teach them the ‘rules’ for the best path through this life.  We need to teach them how easily doors can open with the right words and actions.  And, how quickly they can close to those who don’t appreciate how precious are our hearts and minds and feelings.  We must tell them that it is OK to travel over the same path several times if we are happy there…but there are so many other paths that lead to equally wonderful times.  How sad to not at least try.

(Like asparagus and beets…I tried them both.  And now I know I NEVER want to go down that path to their garden again…ever!  I will stay with my friends broccoli and fresh corn and sweet Slocomb tomatoes).



Isn’t it amazing how we, as grandparents, have so much more patience than when we were raising our own?  I guess that is what is meant by all the things I hear people say about being grandparents…’you really haven’t known of love til you have a grandchild.’  Of course it’s the children…they are so adorable.   But so were yours and mine.  I think we enjoy them so much because we have time to be quiet and watch and discuss and explore.  And, wisdom!  We have so much more of it now, don’t we?  We can give them that most valuable commodity…time.

I find myself thinking back to when we were raising our 3 boys.  Oh how I wish I had taken more time in some areas.  Life gets so full and unexpected sometimes that the best you can do is just ‘get through it’.  But, I don’t think that’s what God intends.  How sad we come to this realization later than sooner.

 “Let us be concerned with one another in order to promote love and good deeds.”     Hebrews 10:24




“Thank you God for this precious boy…and all the precious grandchildren those of us ‘of a certain age’  are blessed to love and guide and enjoy.  Thank you that we can play ‘Follow the Leader’ with them to some wonderful discoveries.  And, how blessed we are to watch them make others all on their own.  I, for one, continue to take your command to ‘train them up’ as a necessary part of my job as a Lulu.  And, I am so grateful for this precious gift you have placed in our lives.”

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged…”  Proverbs 17:6



And, aren’t crowns just the most delightful of accessories?