Just a tad under 60 miles from Dothan, there is lies the little town of Bainbridge, Georgia.  It is such a lovely little town, very old, with brick paved streets, a town square right out of a Hallmark movie, delicious restaurants, and some fabulous shopping!

How do I know this?  My friend Tina and I set off early yesterday morning and our other bestie, Shirl, set off from her home in Moultrie, Ga.  We are about the same distance away from our destination for the day.  And oh, my! the Lord gave us the most glorious day.  Just a hint of coolness and plenty of sunshine!

Bainbridge has done an excellent job of using their downtown area to entice shoppers and browsers to visit.  There are plenty of tables set up in the square and we saw quite a few people taking their lunch breaks under these grand old trees.  We ‘borrowed’ one of them to snap this picture!

There is a wide variety of shopping venues here.  My sister, Joy, had brought me over here several years ago to visit a neat little gift shop.  It was amazing, but I had no idea all the other places that were here.  Shirl and Tina had been before, so they kinda knew the ‘lay of the land’.  To me…it was a treasure hunt!

We had lunch at a well know restaurant on the square, The American.  Delicious!

After a yummy meal and a heart to heart catch up that only the best kind of friends can have, we set out to explore more of the goodies just waiting to be found!  And we are ‘mighty hunters’…yes, we are!

Shirl and Tina found these great ponchos in a little boutique.  Yes there were three of them…however, due to my lack of height, I looked like a hobbit!  So, a ‘no’ for me…but they were perfect for them!  Aren’t the colors just perfect for jeans and boots?

After finding a few sweets to restore our strength, we browsed a little more,,,found a few more treasures…and decided to call it a day!  We wanted to get home before dark.  We split up the packages, exchanged our personal gifts to one another, and set our sights toward home.  Tina and I one direction, Shirl, the other.


We all have our definitions of what a friend really is.  And, each friend plays different roles in our lives.  God put these two ladies in my life so many years ago because He knew they were going to be with me through thick and thin.  He knew I need their guidance, their prayers, their acceptance and love.  I am forever grateful for this gift that  makes me a better person.