I am leaving this morning on a little medical mission with Joy and Mom. Mom is having a few unpleasant occurrences, and we think it wise to check in with a doc in the big city. So off to Birmingham we go. Her appt. is Tuesday morning…but why waste a perfectly good trip to the land of great shopping? So, we are going to go up early and have today to do a little credit card damage and then come home after her visit tomorrow. Well, maybe not straight home, we do have to go through Montgomery also.
And, I think a little ‘retail therapy’ may be just what she needs to perk her up a bit. Listen, friends, I am willing to sacrifice anything for Mom’s happiness and well-being! But, that’s just the kind of daughter I am. And Joy is too, by the way!

Seriously, we would appreciate your prayers for safety travelling and wisdom from the doctor. Donald has a colonoscopy scheduled for this morning…Adam will be with him and then be available for Alex. I am so blessed to have a family that works together and pitches in to help when needed. It seems that it really does “take a village” to keep this family going!

Check with you when I get back!