Made it home about an hour ago. Arrived in B’ham to an absolutely beautiful day! It was sunny and warn and delightful! We made the rounds to a few of our favorite stores in Homewood and Mountain Brook, then a quick stop at Pottery Barn. Ian joined us there. Mom was ready for a little siesta, so we hit Chick Fillet and then our room. We all visited for a while with Ian, then he had to go to class. Joy and I decided to let Mom have a little quiet time…so, we headed over to Hobby Lobby, then waaaaay across town to Anthropologie…which just by some strange coincidence happens to be located right next to CHEESECAKE FACTORY! Now friends, Joy and I did not even try to pretend this time that we were going there for the food…no..we went straight for the good stuff…the cheesecake! But, what sad daughters we would be if we enjoyed that wonderful concoction without Mom. So, “3 pieces…to go please. Yes, with whipped cream, too”. Back across town to our motel. And, into pajamas, and under the covers, and DIG IN! YUMMY!!! If that doesn’t make you have sweet dreams, nothing will. Mine was Godiva Chocolate, and theirs was fresh strawberry! Boy, did it storm last night. And a tornado somewhere close by.

Awoke to a coooold, dreary day. Downtown to the Dr. at 10:00. Mom met with the doctor and then I did. He said she is due for an oil change and tire rotation, and just a little engine work. But, he’s gonna be able to take care of everything…and she’ll be ready to race again soon. We will come back for her transmission overhaul in a few weeks. Till then, she can only travel at slow speeds on short trips, and must use only premium fuel! Ian met us at the hospital and took us out for a lovely lunch…we managed to all get something we did not order, but got a free desert…so all’s well. Gassed up and headed South. Stopped in Montgomery to refuel with a Smoothie and head on home. Luckily, we never ran into any rain, although it was all around us.

Thank you for your prayers, and kind thoughts!
Now, may I ask you to please add another to your prayers. My dear friend, Shirley, called me this morning with news of her Mom. ( She did not know I was in B’ham. ) Her Mom has been unwell for a little while and they were having a hard time finding help from the doctors where she lives. They brought her to Dothan and did a colonoscopy this morning,,,the results were unfavorable. She will be having surgery on Thursday, so please keep her and Shirley and her sister Sue in your prayers!