My sweet DIL has a problem. Well, she doesn’t see it as a problem, but it is. I’ve tried telling her that we can fix this. But, she’s oblivious to all she is missing. So…I have decided to take matters into my own hands and send her a message via my blog. Y’all don’t think that would be considered being a meddling MIL, do you? I think it just shows how caring and loving and concerned I am! And, who knows? Some of you may have this problem, too.

She has sensitive toes. She does. It’s probably because she is just a sensitive soul (and I mean that in a good way). But, friends, it just is not right for someone of her young age to miss out on so many of the good things. You know…the good things that are shoes that fit between your large and second toe…FLIP FLOPS!!!! She has only one brand that she will wear, (they come in a yellow box) because the others all “hurt her toes.” Now, I am in no way making fun of this dear sweet girl, bless her little toes. It just is not that essential to her life that she wear anymore than that one brand. But, those of us who are ‘of a certian age’ know what all she is missing. Oh, just think of all she is not experiencing. It’s just not right. I wanted to bring her a ‘darling’ pair home from Maui, and she said “No, they will hurt my toes. So, this post is to give her ways to branch out, be bold, be daring, get more flip flops!

Now, if I found a pair of FF that I loved and they hurt my toes, I wrap a band-aid or a piece of tape…even a piece a duct tape, if I really liked the FF!….. around the offending appendage, and wear that until a callous formed. But, she’s not able to do that. So here are some things that may help.

Friends, these things are terrific. I usually keep some in my purse. If a new pair of shoes rubs a blister, this will keep you from making a fool of yourself by walking round with one shoe off! I understand this…I’ve been there. Once a blister on my heel was so bad, I thought about just going barefoot while in the grocery store. And that’s what I had to do. It solved my immediate problem, but people gave me dirty looks and I had to put the shoes back on to walk out to the car. ANYWAY…these are good for anywhere on the foot. Here’s what the box says: Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions ($4.99) feature a gel pad that relieves pain while helping to protect the blister. The bandage is tapered on the sides, making it easier to wrap around toes, in particular, and also provides a super-duper seal to protect the blister from dirt, water and germs.

They also state that these ‚Äùcushions‚Äù are waterproof and provide a ‚Äúsuperior adhesive‚Äù that can be worn for several days before changing, even in the shower. And, it’s true. Once on, they don’t come off till you are ready. None of that wadding up. They are good for your heels as well.

Everything they said is true! This is a wonderful product!

Now, if that doesn’t suit your fancy, my dear, here’s another option: Dr. Jill’s Sandal Gel Toe Spreader
Sandal Gel Toe Spreader. Soft Silicone Spreaders with built-in slit for sandals/thongs…not THAT kind of thongs!!! It wraps around the thong to reduce friction and enhances walking comfort in thongs, flip flops, and sandals.
If you love to wear thong sandals but hate the between-toe rub‚Ķyou’ll love these cushioned gel spreaders.
  • This Spreader‚Äôs built-in slit fits around the sandal‚Äôs thong, thus keeping it from slipping or moving out of place.
  • Reduces friction and irritation between toes.
  • Helps relieve pain of soft corns, overlapping toes, and bunions.
  • Aids in maintaining proper toe alignment. Improves cosmetic appearance of the toes and feet.
  • Invisible silicone color makes spreader discreet as possible.

I can offer no endorsement…I just found these on the Internet. Have never seen any IRL. Order from That Dr Jill has been busy, you wouldn’t believe all the things she has designed to make our tootsies feel better! I wonder if she is a REAL doctor or just plays one on the World Wide Web!

These are the last that I have to show, and they are what started this whole trip down Flip Flop Lane. They are called Thong Wrappers. (But not THAT kind of thong!) I found these while out shopping one day and had to buy them for Sweet Suzanne. (Oh, please forgive the horrendous picture above, but I gave away all my talent to Adam obviously, and kept none for myself). But, these are a strip of silicone and you wrap it around the toe thingy and then it is a cushioned toe thingy! These I found at TJM, for $3.99. They stick to themselves and you can wash them and use them again. Isn’t that a good thing?!

OK, Sue Ann, I have you a box of the Band-Aids, and 2 pkgs. of the toe thongs…Now let’s go shopping and I’ll introduce you to the wider, wonderful world of Flip Flops!

We’ll get YOU a pair or two, and ME ? well, it’s possible I may could be persuaded to try on a pair or two…if it will make you feel better……