I love handmade things.  Doesn’t matter what…just the thoughts that the item was created with the ‘human touch’ …is enough to endear it to my heart.  As a ‘some-times artist’ myself, I appreciate the thought and planning that comes with the creative process.  In my case, I will get an idea…then I need to mull it over for a few days.  And, at the strangest times, the process will pop into my head and I can see how to get it done.

But this post is not about the artist in me, but other artists whom I do not even know, though I own some of their work and I feel a kinship to them.  I thought you may enjoy seeing it also.  Recently, I decided to rid myself of all the jewelry I was not wearing and not intending to wear again.  I had a lot of random pieces and knew that a discerning eye could help me decide how to ‘take-it-apart’ and ‘put-it-back-together’ in a new and different way.  I also had several pieces that belonged to my Mom that needed some work.  My jeweler and I started working several months ago and have just recently gotten it finished.  I had begun changing my jewelry from yellow gold to white gold a while ago and decided to sell my yellow gold and use the money to offset the cost.  I was surprised at just how much I got from selling my yellow gold and a few pieces of white gold.   Following are a few of the pieces.

You have seen this pendant before, but this is a chain that was handmade by an artist who works with my jeweler.  It is perfect for this pendant, because it looks heavier than it really is. I especially like the way it replicates the detail work around the stone.  Love it!  (By the way, this is a large mother-of-pearl piece that belonged to my mom.  It was purchased by her in Thailand.)


These are 2 more pieces that belonged to my Mom.  And, they are quite rare.  Mom and Pop had some dear friends who were missionaries in Guatemala.  They would go and stay with them for a month’s time and help out with whatever ministries were going on.  On one of their trips, they gave Mom these pieces of jade.  They are pieces that were excavated from some of the Mayan ruins in the area.  Mom considered them real treasures and they actually are.  I am priviledged to care for them now.  This delicate little chain was handmade just to accentuate these pieces.  It has a really neat pattern.  Can you tell that the larger piece hangs in the middle and the smaller one over to one side?  I hope I got a clear enough picture so that you can see the detail that was carved into this jade stone hundreds of years ago.



This sterling bracelet was purchased on a trip to Savannah, GA. with my friends, Shirl and Tina.  The artist had a little stall in a retail area.  I especially loved it because one side is solid and one side is links.  The solid part fits around your arm on the side.  Neat, huh?  I have always worn it just as it was made, but my jeweler suggested adding a charm to it.  Now, this charm was hand made by the same artist who made the 2 chains above.  We added 4 tiny diamonds to each end of the cross.  I think the charm changes the whole look of the bracelet.  Love this and I find myself wearing it all the time, now.


Next is a new piece that is so special.  Joy and I discovered the neatest boutique in Birmingham and we visit it each time we go.  Last time we were there,  I came upon this treasure way in the back of a glass case.  And, I knew it was meant for me.  When the clerk pulled it out, she exclaimed, “I didn’t even know we had this…or it would have gone home with me!”  Lucky me!  It is designed and made by an artist in California. What is so neat is that each piece is so beautiful…but should it be turned around, it’s as beautiful on the back!  So, here’s a shot of the front and then the back.  I think this will be especially nice in the fall.



I must stop here and tell you a story.   I started this post about 2 weeks ago, and got to this point.  Then I remembered that I had also taken Mom’s charm bracelet to be repaired and a handful of charms she had loose in her jewelry box to be added to it.  I went to get it so I could make a picture and add it to this post.  It was not in her jewelry box.  It was not in my jewelry box.  It was not in my seasonal jewelry box.  It was not in any of the 3 drawers of my vanity area in my closet.  It was not in any of the 12 drawers that hold clothes in my closet.  It was not in the 6 drawers next to my sink in the bathroom.  It was not in any of the 20 drawers in my studio.  It was not in any of the seat cushions in my studio.  It was not under or in any of the excessives boxes and such that I have in the closet in my studio.  It also was not in any purse I have used in the last 6 months.  It was not in the seat cushions in my car, nor under any seat or in any crevice in my car. It was not in the kitchen, nor any drawer in the kitchen. And, it was not still at the jewelers.  I asked 3 times.  I searched every room…kitchen, library, laundry…it was nowhere to be found.  I had told Joy and Pop that I had it fixed and they were anxious to see it.  How could I ever tell them that I had lost it?  I have been sick everytime I have thought about it.  I even looked inside every shoe I have!  Though why it would be in there I have no idea…except for the fact that one time Mom lost a very, very expensive piece of jewelry and had searched everywhere for it.  She had even reported it to the insurance and they were in the process of replacing it.  Then one day, she was moving some shoes she had not worn in ages……..and there was her bracelet…..INSIDE HER SHOE !  I get it honest, friends, is all I’m saying!

Saturday, I finally sat down and had a cry about it.  Not a breakdown or anything…but, eyes wet, nonetheless.  And THEN, I talked to my Heavenly Father.  I told him what I had done…and how upset I was.  I reminded Him that I was certain He knew exactly where it was.  And, I asked Him to kindly lead me to it.  And, I asked Him, please, if I did not take a good hint to find it…would He just please KNOCK ME OVER THE HEAD WITH IT?  Because He knows me well.   “Cast all your care on Him for He cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7   And, He knows that that is what it takes sometimes for me.  Once in a while….occasionally.  I kept looking after I prayed.  Nothing.  No clues, no new places to look.  Nothing. Nada. Nyet.

I did not intend for this story to ramble on so, but this is an important part.  I cut my toe last week.  And, it has been very slow to heal.  It is OK if I don’t have to wear shoes.  The last 2 days, I have been soaking it in peroxide to maybe help it or something.  And, it is looking better…but it has gotten so much sorer.  In fact, the pain has gone up into my ankle.  But the cut itself seems to be healing.  Anyway, I could hardly walk yesterday morning, so I couldn’t go to church.  As, I’ve lain on the daybed in my studio, I’ve looked over every inch in this room where I thought the bracelet could be. Every one of them have been checked.  Then it suddenly came to me that I had not checked the box where I store my various glues.  Though heaven knows why it would be there…the important part is that I had not checked it.  So, I hobbled over to my work table, and pulled all the glue out of the box.  Nothing…only glue.  Well, there was one other thing…a package of jump rings I had purchased some time back and had quickly misplaced.  I decided right then and there that I was going to change my life!  I was never EVER going to just lay something down again.  From now on, a place for everything and everything in its place.  I would be a changed woman.  My studio would be so neat that I could actually tell someone where to look for something and it would really be there!  No one would believe it.  Not even me.  So, I started with that pack of jump rings.  Now all I had to do was find where I had put all the jewelry making supplies.  I knew they were all together because the last time I decided to change my life and clean up my act and get it all together…I vividly remembered gathering all the jewelry into a……what?  A drawer?  No…a plastic bag so I could see through it and know where it was?  No…I put it in a box.   In one of those boxes that looks like a book.  But, which one…there are 6.  The second box I opened had the jewelry making supplies in it.  So, I reached around the table to get the jump rings.  I put them in the box and closed it and put it away.  Whew!  that felt good.  In its place!  This was the beginning…I could feel myself on the path to a new me!  BUT, the box slipped off the table.  Because, I put weight down on my toe and I did some wild dance step just as I was putting it back on the desk.  And, the whole contents of the box fell and rolled and skittered across the floor.  And, I just sat down on the floor amidst the mess, and looked at it.  Well, I guess that’s what I get for trying to change.  I scooted around the floor on my bottom retrieving all the pieces and putting them back in the box.  Darn!  there was something under the chair.  I hope you can get this picture in your mind, because it would for sure give you a huge laugh.  I was trying to hold my hurt foot and ankle up off the floor and scoot on my bottom over the floor without causing too much uncomfort to my sit-upon.  Then I had to stretch out and reach under the chair to pick up that little bag.  That little white gossamer jeweler’s bag.  That little white gossamer jeweler’s bag that my jeweler had put MOM”S BRACELET IN WHEN I PICKED IT UP FROM HER A MONTH AGO !!!!!!  There it was!  THERE IT WAS!!!!

I don’t know if you believe in prayer…..and I certainly hope that you do……but be careful what you ask when you pray.  My Heavenly Father had led me to the box that held my treasured bracelet.  I opened the box, but didn’t see it because I didn’t look for it.  So, I’m just thinking that scooting across the floor with one leg held up in the air, bruising my behind, constitutes KNOCKING ME OVER THE HEAD WITH IT !  Oh, I do so believe that God has a sense of humor!  I promised Him that I would give the praise to Him when I found my the bracelet.  And, so I just want to remind you here and now, that Our Father knows what we need.  He knows before we ask.  “For your Father knows what you need before you even ask.”  Mattherw 6:8b    But, what comforts me is the fact that He CARES about little ole me, in little ole Dothan, bemoaning the loss of my Mom’s bracelet.  And, He hears our prayers…and He answers our prayers…sometimes in strange ways.   But, hey…He does it in HIS time…cause I’m missing a couple of other things that have been gone a year or more!

“Thank you, God, for loving bumfuddled ole me.  And, thank you for showing me the bracelet.  I’m guessing you and my Mom were having a great big laugh on Sunday morning.  That’s OK with me, and would you give Mom a hug for me and tell her I miss her everyday?  Amen”


PS……..Part 2 of this post will show pictures of the charm bracelet, along with some other really interesting pieces.   If I don’t lose them first!  🙂