Some time back, I came across these pictures. And, upon closer inspection, I had a really good laugh! Do you see it? How many of the fruits can you name?




  1. Tonja,

    You naughty girl!!! I usually start the day with a beautiful glimpse of pictures or of someone else's life and doings.

    Today's begun with a big ole Hee-Haw, so perhaps that's a good beginning for a fun day.

  2. I have an apron made from this fabric. Never wear it, but it hangs in my kitchen so that it always brightens my day.

  3. Musicaljean |


  4. Just Breathe |

    I love these. They are adorable. Do you know who the artist is?
    Thank you for sharing them with me.

  5. nancygrayce |

    That is too funny!

  6. Love Being a Nonny |


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the suggestion about the styrofoam C. My daughter-in-law made a moss wreath at Christmas and I loved it!! I never thought to make a C out of styrofoam!!! Amazing what another perspective does. THANKS! I'll show a pic when I am done!

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