This morning, we met our builder, cabinet man, and architect at the new house at 8:30 to decide on all the cabinetry in the whole, entire house…every single room…main hose and apartment…one end to the other! WHEW! I am exhausted! It must be 95 degrees today and of course no air conditioning. BUT, sisters…I am not complaining. This is exciting and I praise God for giving us this opportunity! We are so fortunate to have these men working with us on this project. They are easy to get along with, and listen, and then figure out a way to get it done! My kind of men!

When we left there I asked Don to go into one furniture store with me. BIG MISTAKE!
We looked at every piece of furniture in the store…even though I just wanted him to look at one little chair for the studio. Then, we went to another store to compare, and again sat in and felt of every piece, then another store, then another , then another, and, since my ankles are now the size of pumpkins, Don says this can be the last store. All in 1 afternoon, people ! I have touched today every single piece of furniture in every single furniture store in town. I have seen so many leather couches, and upholstered chairs, and console tables, and ottomans…but not a single farm table that will seat 12! Oh well, we are going to have to get t built, I suppose!

Don is 6’4″…..I am 5′ 2″….most furniture is made for tall people or giants, as it were, What fits him swallows me whole. My feet hardly touched the floor on anything we sat on. And my thighs hurt, standing up, sitting down, up, down, up, down.

Now, I am at home, pajamas on, in bed, computer in my lap, Vivaldi playing in the background…and about to fall asleep.
So I will now give in…my lids are heavy, my legs hurt,…so I will sleep while visions of 20 colors of leather, floral red and yellow fabric, all green stripe,and furniture placement dance in my head, Either that, or I will sleep so deep, dreams can not invade. Good night, friends,