PS…I made this for you……..

I did my best…………

Yes, I realize that one of the quotation marks is backwards……..

I tried to correct it………

It would not cooperate……..

It wanted to go its own way……..

I decided to let it…….

I can live with that………

Life isn’t always perfect………

You just have to deal…….

There may be a sermon in there somewhere……..

Just saying.




  1. It is a beautiful thought and picture. I didn't even notice the quotation mark until you pointed it out. Thank you for the beauty – I needed it today.

  2. AWW!!!! That is so beautiful….I wouldn't be able to get the quotation marks on even backwards, so good job!

  3. Love Being a Nonny |

    I do pray to be a blessing. YOU have been a blessing to me. I remember when I sat one day and read though the stories you wrote about your boys. I felt like that day you were a blessing and an encourager to me. Thank you!

  4. Just Breathe |

    Thank you, it's beautiful.

  5. I have not been here in awhile…but boy did I have fun reading the post about the bus ride. So funny…and sad at the same time. You know where comedians get their material from. That, or something like that would have been a skit for Carol Burnett and her cronies to do. I would be laughing my head off. You know I mean with out the sad parts. You did a brave thing (o:
    My son had to take a long bus ride from the South (long story as to why) He decides he needed to take that trip just to see another whole side of humanity. He wrote something about it and titled it 'God drives a Greyhound Bus'.
    The picture and Quote was beautiful.

  6. Life isn't perfect…but it's pretty darn good!


  7. Thank you, My Friend,

    It's just perfect.

  8. Southern Lady |

    Beautiful sentiment and picture, Tonja. Your wit and wisdom are truly a blessing to all of us.

  9. I LIKE it. And you definitely are a blessing to me, Tonja.

  10. Love it! You are so creative! I can do the big stuff, but all these accessories, little finishing touches, etc., I'm not so good at! That's what "makes" the decor, I think, so I always have to get help from Tracy's aunt!

  11. Jillian, Inc |

    Love it all! Fabulous! I used to decorate for all the seasons / change of seasons but have had to put that on the back burner this year. I did pop out a few shells and summery flowers. But the only thing on my mantle is a box if dominos. My 4th child "not me" must have stashed it there…haha.

  12. Musicaljean |

    Tonja!!!! Everything in this post and the previous one is just so beautiful! You are truly an artist. My daughter Lisa is a lot like you, but she didn't get it from me. She inherited it from Dick's mother who was an amazingly creative artist.

  13. Love it all! My house is available if you ever run out of decorating spaces at your house!

  14. How YOU this, how evocative of your travels and your colors and your eye for wonderful details.

    Of course, the stack of books caught my eye immediately—I have them stacked up like furniture all over the house.

  15. Just Breathe |

    Tonja, it is absolutely perfect.
    I love it! You are really good at setting up displays.

  16. Southern Lady |

    Oh, how pretty, Tonja! Your mantel is my favorite … I love how the aquas and greens complement the stone fireplace, and the fact that a lot of the things you used to decorate with are keepsakes from your trip to Hawaii, or have special meaning to you makes it even better.

    I love the little sand castle, too … and the sea horse vase and the fishing net and star fish … well, I just love all of it! You did a beautiful job of coordinating everything.

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