This is me these days…feeling yucky. I did go to the doctor. He says I have the Epstien Barr Virus…which is a fancy name for infectious Mononucleosis. Remember when kids would have this in high school…used to be called the kissing disease.
Well, I have it and the symptoms are sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes, extreme fatigue, and fever.

I have been able to do little more than lay around, rest, take it easy, rest again, and then try to sleep at night! We did have guests over for July 4th…probably not my best idea…but everyone pitched in and helped. However, I lay down today when Ian left to go back to Birmingham around 10:00…and I just woke up about 6:00.

I have been unable to read and comment on all of your blogs like I usually do, so please give me a little grace. I will get back to my full steam ASAP.