Back to the end of Act 1…Thursday night. Shirley came to my house to spend the night…with plans to pick up Tina in the AM. However, as usual, we came up with a better plan. Tina went and got her things together, and came back to spend the night at my house. A spend the night party…does that sound fun, or what??? Never mind how old you are…just go for the fun times–any time you can! Right? We even ordered pizza!

I began thinking of what would be the best way to entertain my friends and quickly had a wonderful idea. Help me finish my decorating!!! Isn’t that a great idea? I thought so…and since we were at MY house, I got to be the boss, so that is what we did!

First, here are the wonderful candle holders I got at Pieces in PCB. They aren’t old, just made to look old, but I like how chunky and distressed they are.

Then we moved this great old mirror whose tin pieces date back to the olden days. They came from the ceiling of an old hotel in Atlanta. Don bought it for me before we moved to the Creek House, and it is one of my most favorite pieces. But, it has been sitting in the garage, and I could not move it because it is soooo heavy, and I could not decide just where I wanted to put it. But, when we three put our heads together…we can figure anything out. We moved the other mirror to the foyer and put this one in its place and it looks wonderful!

Here is a close up of the tin…such wonderful age and patina!

Then we worked the top of the half wall behind my china cabinet and over my kitchen island. The mantle cloth is one I bought several years ago, and have never had just the right place to use it.

Then, the girls decided that the top of my TV cabinet was just too bare…and off they went to the garage storage room to scavenge for pieces to add there. This was a bag of discarded pieces left over from other fall arrangements, along with some other flower arrangements made in years past. I could never make myself throw them away because they were such great remnants…and I’m so glad I didn’t. Pays to be a pack rat!!!:)

On to the old Chinese table I got in Savannah. It is also in the den. This is a bittersweet arrangement. Several years ago, Tina, Shirley and I were in Moultrie (where Shirley lives) and I found this wonderful cornucopia. I knew Mom would love it and so I bought it for her. I don’t remember what occasion I gave it to her for, but it became one of her favorite things. She loved to fix it up every year when she decorated for fall and Thanksgiving. I am reminded of how thankful I am to have had her for my Mom every time I look at it.

Well, it was after midnight, and since we planned to pull out at 6 AM, we made ourselves go to bed. Then up and out early…a quick stop to get a biscuit and then on to Columbus, Georgia. We have our fav shopping areas here, and we always find treasures. This time was no exception. First stop, Wal M*rt to buy Shirl a camera.

We bought rugs, looked for lamps, did some Christmas shopping, and then headed on to Warm Springs, GA. We always love to go to the antique and gift shops here. Even though the little town is nothing like it once was, we still manage to find some great things just waiting for us to come along. This is outside one of the shops and restaurant. Everything was decorated really nice for the fall season.

While shopping around, I made a great discovery! A new diet pill! Here is a picture of it. Did I buy some? Well, of course I did! It said …’TAKE ONE THREE TIMES A DAY’…I can most certainly follow directions. Funny thing, though–it tasted suspiciously like milk chocolate….HMMMMM! You don’t think someone is trying to play a mean trick now do you? Well, I’ll take it for a few weeks and let you know!!! 🙂

When the shops closed, we went and checked into our hotel. Made our way to our room…which happened to be the absolute furthermost room from the lobby it could possibly be. Once we got our stuff inside, we all realized we were just too tired to go back out and eat. And, the only thing we had between us was a fourth of a pound cake, a few pieces of dark chocolate, and a small bag of chips! This was not what any of us envisioned…but it would have to do. Tina and Shirl went in search of a vending machine and managed to find some crackers and cold drinks. We had ourselves a feast right there. Even vending machine fare, shared with dear friends, is a feast! And, drifted off to dreamland. thinking of the fun we’d have tomorrow at the Cotton Pickin’ Fair. Alarm set…5 AM!