I was up bright and early this morning…Tina was picking me up at 8:00. And, she was right on time. Our destination…Panama City Beach,FL. Shirley and her sister, Sue, were already down there to spend a few days with their mother, Mrs. Ollie. Now this woman is the picture of glorious aging..she is as beautiful and kind and full of energy as she could be…and she’s a young 90 years old!
A treat for me, also, is that Amy, Tina’s daughter spent the day with us. I always love the chance to spend more time with Amy than just sitting for a haircut. We are alot alike, Amy and I. And, I love her dearly.
Ran in Mrs. Ollie’s house to ‘rest’ quickly and then headed out to a store Shirl had found out on Thomas Drive. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I could have bought everything in that store! Lots of shabby chic furniture, and wonderful accessories. The name of the store is Pieces.
Left there, a little lighter in the pocketbook…and grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy’s and then on to TJM*xx. Shirl kindly let Tina and I off near the door. And, as we were walking in, I heard someone calling my name. I thought,”Oh, M*xx is so happy to see me, he’s welcoming me personally!” 🙂 Oh, No, much better than that! It was my longtime blogging buddy who lives in PCB…Nancy. She recognized us and I am so glad she did. It was like meeting a long time friend for the first time. I had always thought that she and I thought a lot alike and after meeting her IRL…I’m certain of it! I felt immediately like I could have sat down and spent the day with her. And, that is something we both would like to do soon!

So, we began shopping in the xxstore, and, as usual, there were great things to be had. And, we had to have them. Amy, our young PIT (private joke) did the most damage with about 8 or 15 new pieces of clothing! T, S, and I managed to all find a cloche and pedestal just alike, and that was about the extent of our damage there.
Tina, Amy and I decided to head home, so we would be fresh and ready to go tomorrow at 6 in the AM!!! It is now 12:43. I’m afraid instead of fresh…they may have to take me wilted! Whatever…as long as they take me!!!