It takes little for me to become addicted to something.  Ask my good friends chocolate and diet dr. pepper.  I think that along with ADD, I’m blessed with that addictive type personality.  It is tremendous thanks to God who has kept me from being tempted by the things that would cause me harm.  However, shoes and purses have caused quite a bit of harm to my checkbook through the years.  But, lots of that has passed on away as I look more for comfort than cute nowadays.  And, as of late, to be totally honest with you, food has moved in on the scene and I would like to get it off!   Anyway…

These days my attentions have turned to a thing called PINTEREST.



It’s a great way to organize and categorize the things you like.  You can have as many little bulletin boards as you want and then you can pin whatever you like on them.  Maybe it’s recipes or funny jokes or cute shoes or jewelry or table settings…whatever.  I started out with about 5 boards and now I have way more.  Maybe you are collecting pictures for a room you wish to redo…this is the place to do it.  Or perhaps you are picking out toys for a grandchild.  This is a wonderful place to keep them all visible in one place.

You are well aware of how proficient I am with technical things like computers and car phones and radios…so when I tell you this is easy…believe me, it’s EASY!  I figured it out on my own…believe it or not.  First you go there and request to join and that’s the hard part…waiting a few days for them to answer…but they will.  Then, you do these things…
…but, I do not have it on my phone yet.  I don’t know why I would need it on my phone anyway.  My sweet Ian put a place on my blog where you can go straight to my boards and see what I have pinned.  Look over on the right side where the box is for face book and you will see the PINTEREST red word right on top.  Just clik on it and you’ll go right there.  Imagine!
So, if you haven’t found out about this, try it…it’s great!  But, don’t be asking me too many questions about it…the knowledge, she just goes so deep, ya know.  HAPPY PINNING!
And, since I have regaled you with the story of the ‘voice in my car’…the phone and the radio and the other stuff….I’ll fill you in on the latest.  Well, you know the story of how one of my sons tinkered with it and messed up the phone  and how Alex reset it and got everything in order.  Then the battery died, and I missed the lunch.  But we got it fixed and I was ready to go.  When I left my home last Friday to run errands, I backed out of the garage, using my backing up camera (which really is nice).  My radio never  sounds until I am out of the garage…so at first I didn’t know anything was amiss.  I put the car in DRIVE…and waited for SIXTIES ON SIX…my favorite of the Sirius Satellite Radio stations.  N O T H I N G !  No radio.  I thought it may have been turned off in all the hoopla…so I tapped what I thought would bring it up.  Looking at the readout…I noticed it said…PUT IN CODE.  PUT IN CODE? What in the world?  What code?  I was very disturbed at this turn of events.  It seemed to be going on and on and on.
I told Don about it, and a few days later he called and told me my code.  I HAVE THE CODE!  This makes me happy.  UNTIL I start looking for somewhere to put the code.  I assume that there would be a place somewhere that has the numbers so you could push them and enter the code.  Where would you think that was?   No matter what button I push…..the only thing that happens is the sign that says ‘PUT IN CODE’ or ‘TURN THE RADIO ON’.  IT’S CRAZY, I tell you C R A Z Y !