I have been having a lot of fun decorating my house for the summer. I have never been one to live with the same decor all the time. If my mantle stays the same for more than 3 months, something is very wrong with me.

I suppose since the theme of my last program at school is “The Wonders Of The Sea”, I have just been fixated on ocean things. Why wouldn’t I? I have been singing about it with the kids every day for 3 months now? Also…I have a pool now. Which is a poor substitute for God’s Great Ocean and all its surroundings…but, still..it’s sorta/kinda like a pretend tiny ocean. It is a salt water pool, after all.

Anyway, I am having all the girls from school over Friday for a Pool Party! So, I have been getting ready. You have already seen the damage I did with my 2 friends a few weeks ago with the dishes, etc. I have now moved on to buffet top, mantle, foyer table, etc. So here are a few pics to let you see what I have going on here in the Creek House.

I just Love this pic of old beach chairs. It came from Target. It is a sepia tone, and a very nostalgic print.

This picture of the mantle looks very washed out, I promise it looks much better IRL. I have used beiges, and creams, and whites, with touches of aqua to match the dishes. The tall sea birds are from Cracker Barrel, the biggest shell planter is from Michael’s, the shell balls are from TJMAXX, the pic from Target is propped on some old books I have, the next shell is a real one, then the vase with the cording is from Michael’s…I just added some sea grass(faux). The tiny metal sign says ‘Seaside Serenity’. Then the little buoy and star are from Jo Ann Fabrics. I like to GATHER decor items from many places. I’ll see if I can get Adam to make a better pic of this to show you.

This is the top of the buffet. I have covered it with a fishing net. There is a white vase with shell and floral impressions from Pottery Barn, filled with grasses and twigs. In front, a very special book…The Gift of The Sea, and in front of that a clear glass vase filled with white sand and sea shells. The cover of the book just happened to be in the aqua color. Then 2 mini beach chairs that I have had forever. I just have always loved the look of them in a garden display and now in an ocean setting. ******A very good friend of mine who was helping me when I moved, told me to throw these away. She said I did not need them anymore, and they were just cluttering up my new house. So, into the garbage they went. HOWEVER…I just couldn’t do it. I like those old chairs. So, I fished them out of the garage sale box and kept them. And, I am glad I did. But, don’t tell her!**** Behind the chairs is a shadowbox which houses a favorite picture of mine. It was lying in the garbage can at the framing department in Michael’s one day. They were throwing it away because the mat had gotten dirty and torn. I asked if I could have it and they thought I was nuts, but said yes. It also is beach chairs facing the ocean. A grouping of collected shells sit across the bottom. Also in this grouping is a starfish, and a woven fan from Hawaii.

More to show later.