F.I.N.A.L.L.Y…finally I feel like my home is complete! My poor, sad table has looked so lonely sitting there all exposed…what with there being no chairs to
sit around it and keep it company!

It has been unavoidable…the delay, I mean. After they were ordered, they sold out…then began remaking them…then they were on back order. Delivery date…early December…late December…and January 27! Of course, IF they had been ordered sooner, they would have been in place much sooner. But, I am not responsible for that. I am not pointing any fingers here…but it’s not my fault or Alex’s.

However, if they had come earlier…I would not have had this wonderful pick-me-up on this cold, winter’s day in late January. So, ‘when’ matters no more. They are here and they are in place. And, I am happy!

And, now, I am going to go and sit in every single one of them!

After I do a little more dancing!