Continuing with my Christmas decor…

This is a wreath I made using pages from an old book. It really was a terrible old paperback that had no redeeming value. I tore each page out, rolled and glued it, then glued it to a foam wreath form…

Here is a close-up. And, you’ll never guess which room I put this BOOK wreath in….why the LIBRARY, of course!

Now, here’s the kitchen. This display is on the storage buffet piece…This is my favorite piece of furniture in the house. It is useful, and there are 2 surfaces for seasonal decor.

On the top left are 2 rosemary topiaries…with a little Christmas finery added…

In the center is this old chalkware nativity carving…

Inside the little niche, I covered all with a holly and twig garland. On the right is a stack of my Christmas books, topped off with a jar of little rag balls. A little red plate, found this year at Pier 1, sits beside the books. [Loved this dessert plate, with the church on it…wish they made it in a larger size. I just bought one…to use for display]
Next is a sign on the back of the niche, that says ‘Christmas Spirit Gathers Here’…in front of which sits a red bowl full of small white shimmery balls.
Next is a little Christmas box…that I want to show you in detail…later on…and a red platter that matches the bowl. Oh, the little sign in front says…”You better not pout”. Someone stuck it up there…didn’t notice till later!


Never have I been so lax in getting my house decorated for Christmas. But, then, never have I decorated THIS house for Christmas. And, never have I had to contend with the things I have had to deal with this year. Oh, well, IT IS WHAT IT IS…
I bought some things to decorate the outside today. Never have I not had my outside decor up at least by December 1…but, never have I had to figure out how to hang a wreath or anything else, WITHOUT putting a ***nail in the wall…or the rock…or the brick…or the mortar*** (thanks to DH)


The teachers at FP are all coming to my house for a luncheon Tuesday. So, I MUST have everything finished…or I’ll never hear the end of it! Only kidding! Can hardly wait for us all to be together again!


In B’ham tonight for Adam’s surgery tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers!