And so, Christmas 2018 is in the books. We prepared, shopped, cooked, shopped again and again, gathered together and had a wonderful Christmas celebration. We sort of spread it out a little this year.

We decided last Christmas, that this year we would try to make it easier on the ones who have both families here. So hard to visit both places in one day. So we decided to have our big family celebration on the Sunday before Christmas…this year that was the 23rd. It really turned out well and the best thing was that we all were together! Alex was feeling well enough to be up and enjoy the day. And Pop, at 92, did very well. But, was ready to go home right after the presents. Our 2 little ones, John Thomas and Levi performed for us. JT played the guitar while Tara sang Silent Night. Then Levi quoted some scripture he had learned in school. I let these guys fill in the blanks while reading the Christmas story from Luke. Amazingly, they could quote most of the scripture whenever I would stop! So proud of them!

Now, some pics from Sunday…the whole family…and from Christmas Day…our immediate family! And, we got Alex again! What a blessing!


Don and I in our aprons..sstarted cooking at 5:00 AM

Donald and Tommy at lunch…it was warm enough for some to sit outside on the porch.
Tara and Will at lunch
Uncle Alex and Levi
Joy, Pop, and Tonja

Suzanne and Tonja
Levi and Lulu…happy
Levi and Lulu…silly
John Thomas playing Silent Night on his guitar
Ian, Alex, Tonja, Levi, Don, Adam, Suzanne
(sorry about that bright light around my head…it’s so hard to hide a halo!)
Townsend, Owens, McKibben, Bush Families
Lori, Tara, John Thomas
Lunch Time
Uncle Alex and Levi
Tonja and the boys…
Levi and his tree
Don and the boys…
Adam and Suzanne
Our beautiful Mother, who celebrates Christmas in heaven now. We miss her so.
Thank you, Lord Jesus for blessing our family. Everything good comes from you. We acknowledge that and give you honor and praise and glory!