Oh! My!  I have a new computer.  Thanks to my sweet Pop, I am the owner of my first Mac.  It is so pretty, and learning it is easier than I thought.  I’ve only tried to learn a few little things….’cause I know me.  Put too many things out there for me to grasp…I just forget them all!  So, I will go slow.  Very s-l-o-w-l-y.  And, hopefully, I can become proficient at this in a few years!

I had just used my Dell to death.  The screen kept falling down, and the clicker places didn’t want to click anymore.  So, it was more like a soft push than a click and often I would think I clicked…but I didn’t!  ANYWAY, everyone I have talked to says that the Mac is so much better and easier to use.  We’ll see.

So far, I haven’t gotten any of my pictures over here.  Just my blog stuff.  HA!  I say that like I had something to do with it!  I did nothing but watch as Alex worked his magic!  I wouldn’t even attempt it without the boys to guide me!

Back to the pictures.  I have all our family pics there.  And, I like to collect pictures.  I have all sorts of pictures…balloons, celebrations, animals, baby things, Bible verses, sayings I like, summer, winter, spring, fall, etc.  I imagine that I have about quite a few…lots…way too many…289 folders, to be exact.  I know!  It’s ridiculous.  Excess…I seem to always go overboard!  But, this time it’s OK.  Nothing to have to find a place to store…no money spent…no guilt about my collection.  Plus, it just makes me happy to look at them from time to time.   Since my friend, Just a Beach Kat, showed me how to ‘right click and save’  I’ve found too many pics that I just want to have.  So, I do! And, I always have the picture I need when it’s time to add one.

My other big problem is really a tiny one.  The words…they are so small, I can hardly read them.  I have tried everything that I know to do, to make them bigger.  No luck.  I mean they are smaller than small.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I wear tri focals.  Or the fact that my eyes are over 50 years old.  All I know is that I want the letters bigger..BIGGER…even all caps is still too small.  I’ll set the boys to work on it and they’ll figure it out.  That’s what I keep them around for! 🙂

So, I’ll keep working away, learning things I didn’t even know I didn’t know.  Bear with me now…I tend to go a little slow.  But if you see me looking like this…

…you’ll know I’ve been at it too long!