This morning I went out to get the paper, and as I was coming back in, I stepped in a hole that I obviously did not know was in my yard. I fell flat on my something, I’m not real sure what, cause I was too busy thinking,”I hope no one sees me laying flat out in my front yard in my penguin pajamas…with bed head!” I got up as quickly as I could and hurried in before I was discovered and turned in for indecent exposure. I didn’t think I was hurt, but I sat down to regain my cool, since I knew I looked like an absolute fool just a few moments before. Everything seemed to be working o.k.. I was fine, just shaken. Then Don came through the room and said, “We have an appt. at 10:00.” I went to the bathroom to get ready, and that’s when I REALLY got bummed out. One of my earrings was missing. One of my diamond earrings was missing. One of my FAVORITE diamond earrings was missing! I never take them off. And, I know I had them on earlier when I first got up, so it must have gotten knocked off when I so gracefully did a swan dive on the front lawn. I had to get ready for my appt though, so I could not look. But, when I got home, I started going through the grass with a vengeance. Where is my earring? Down on my hands and knees I was scratching through the grass all around this hidden hole. No earring. I widened my search…and called in reinforcements. Adam came and helped me look. So, we were both down on our hands and knees searching through the grass. Yes, several neighbors drove by…I just ignored them. We searched…no earring. I came inside and took all the sheets off the bed and covered the bedroom floor inch by inch. No earring. Then, Don called. “Find your earring?” “NO” “Find the little rake…I’m coming home to find it.” I find the little rake…and wait. He comes home and I have to go back out to show him where the paper was and where I fell. But that’s not enough. I have to lay back down in the yard so he can see EXACTLY where I landed. Now, friends, I do not know about you, but when I unexpectedly take a tumble…my first thought is ‘am I hurt?’…my next thought is ‘did anybody see me?’…I never once think about laying there and memorizing my position in relation to the house and the street so I will have that information for future reference. I just don’t think that way. According to my DH, that’s exactly what I should have been thinking. “How can you fall in the middle of the front yard and not know where you fell?” ANYWAY!!! By this time it had started raining, so we searched…in the front yard…in the rain…under a little mini umbrella…with the little rake….and me back in my penguin pajamas because I had all intentions of getting into the bed because by now my shoulder and hip are hurting. If I was a spectacle this morning…just imagine what we looked this afternoon! And, NO EARRING! Back inside, he comes and takes all the covers and sheets off the bed AGAIN, and moves all the furniture AGAIN. No earring. No earring. NO EARRING. He left and went back to work…and I am going to bed…at least I know now what position I was in when I hit the ground. Today has not been a good day to be me.