Well, it is another day. I’m still sore. And I still have only 1…one…uno…earring. BUMMER! I have tried to be very philosophical about this…it distracts me from the wailing and gnashing of teeth! I really liked these earrings. They were designed by my DIL and myself and built to my specifications. I enjoyed wearing them and no one else had a pair just like mine.
But, in thinking of how I am going to miss wearing them,,,I have done a little talking to myself. What were they really, but some metal with shiny rocks glued on. As much as a treasure as they were to me…what would I trade to have them back. Certainly not any of my other jewelry, it is as special to me as those were. So what then? I suppose I could do without some of my clothes, and shoes and purses…I really have plenty to spare. Or maybe some of my collections I have worked on for years…I really do not need all that stuff. But, all of these things are just that…things. To replace my valuable earrings, I’d need to trade in something of value. What do I have that is of value? I live in a nice home….but I certainly need my home more than earrings. I drive a nice vehicle, but if I can’t leave home, there would be no one to show off my earrings to. I have china and silver…but, I wouldn’t part with that. I have good books that are like old friends…I could never trade those. What IS of value to me.? It all comes down to people. Family. Friends. They are my treasures. My husband, my sons, my DIL, my Mom and Pop, my sister and BIL, my nieces, their spouses, my SILs and their husbands, their families, my aunts and uncles and cousins, my friends who are as close as my family. This is my treasure. This is what I value. And the greatest treasure of all…my Savior, Jesus Christ. These are what I hold dear. Would I trade any on these for an earring? How silly! Sure, I’ll miss looking soooo cute in my fine earrings..:)..but, I still have all that REALLY matters. I KNOW where my treasure lies.