Six months comes around quickly.

And, this week it was time to take Pop and Alex to Birmingham to see their eye doctors.  Pop has macular degeneration in one eye, but by taking  series of shots (INTO THE EYE) every 6 weeks, he has been able to regain most of the sight in that eye.  He gets shots here in Dothan at 6 week intervals, but sees the specialist at The Eye Foundation every 6 months.

Alex has always had extremely poor eyesight due to the Cerebellar Atrophy.  But, Ian found a doctor in Birmingham who was able to give him better eyesight through a series of implants and laser surgery.  His also has nystagmus.  This means that his eyes are in a constant state of motion. Never stopping.  There is nothing to be done for this…it also comes as a result of the Cerebellar Atrophy.  But, now Alex also has macular degeneration.  In one of his eyes he only has a very small amount of peripheral vision.  It is permanent.  Unlike Pop’s…Alex will have to live with this forever.  Unless God decides to perform a miracle.  We see the specialist in Birmingham to keep close watch on his good eye to be sure it does not deteriorate as well.  After a year and a half, it seems to be holding steady.

This, then, is why we travel so often to the big city.  It is a perk for us that Ian lives there, because we get to spend a little time with him, as well.  I am sharing some pics that we took this weekend.

Taking a stroll through the Galleria…



Joy and Alex…





Best selfie we could get of us all…



At the Eye Foundation…not movie stars…dilated eyes!





Out to eat with Ian…Pop likes the alligator bites…me?  not so much…











You know, anytime you are together with family is a time to make sweet memories.  Even in cases of illness.  Our family has learned in our travels through life on this earth…things change quickly…you are not promised tomorrow…there is joy to be found in every situation…in great sadness, wonderful lessons can be learned…God is good-all the time.



PS…Oh, what a difference a good haircut will make!