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Here is a picture of our dog, Scooter, a Fox Terrier. He is larger than any other fox terrier we have ever seen, but we love him just the same. He is a vigilant watchdog and no one moves anywhere around our house without us knowing all about it. He is fiercely protective of my son, Alex. And,as Alex is homebound, this gives me great peace of mind. I’ve often heard the quote about being half the person my dog thinks I am…and I really feel that way about him. He is always greeting me at the door and so excited to see me. I don’t get that from anyone else. If you have a dog…you know just what I mean. Scooter has been a gift from God to our family. He’s 10 years old now ,but still loves to play “pull the sock” with anyone so inclined. His other favorite game is “try to get this bone away from me.” But it’s no fun….he ALWAYS wins that one!