Tonight is the Oscar Telecast, and this year it is not just a race of size 2,twenty-something, designer dolls. In the best actress category, there are 3 “older women.” Meryl Streep is 57, Helen Mirren is 61, and Dame Judi Dench is 72. How nice it is that the “powers that be” are recognizing women of all ages. (There is even a 10 year old up for Best Supporting Actress. Abigail Bresslin was the little girl in Little Miss Sunshine, an excellent movie. I very rarely laugh out loud…but I did in this movie.) Oh well, I digress. It will be interesting to see what the “mature women” will be wearing tonight. They have all looked very age appropriate in the past few awards shows this season. Don’t you just hate it when a woman refuses to dress her age? I think it is fun to stay up with the trends—to a degree, but at some point it starts looking silly. I think you should be proud of the age you are….I mean considering the alternative. But, back to the Oscars…let’s enjoy watching tonight as these 3 are highlighted. Hooray for the women who have “gathered” years, experience and wisdom. We are all winners!