Today I am a 13 month breast cancer survivor.  I have gone from the shock of diagnosis…through the pain of surgery…and the burning of radiation.  I am now living with very unpleasant side effects from the oral chemo I will take for 4 more years.  My recovery has been hindered by blood clots which are still occurring.  But, Praise God, I am doing this!  He has allowed me to have a most favorable outlook and I am beyond grateful!

Prior to my discovery, I had gone for 4 years without a mammogram.  The only word for that is STUPIDITY!  I used to have them every year, but had sort of slacked off.  I let it slide, thinking that Breast Cancer would not happen to me!  Well, when my GP found out, he set one up for me immediately.  And, that is when I got the bad news.  The tumor was still very small and well contained.  Pure luck?  No, God’s providence! What if I had not heeded my doctor’s advice?  What if I had put it off again?  Let’s face it…it’s not the most pleasant procedure to have.  But, I have had three mammograms and three ultrasounds since diagnosis.  I will never skip it again!

I urge you to make your appointment TODAY!  Do not wait.  Don’t think it can’t happen to you…IT CAN!  This sheds a whole new light on possibilities for my sister and my nieces and my granddaughter (coming soon).  They have to be more aware now.  Think of the other women you are blood relatives with.  Would you do anything you could to keep them safe?  Of course you would!

It’s not really that uncomfortable a procedure.  To be honest, it has been never bothered me before my diagnosis, but it is a little painful now.  Small price to pay for me to be around to see my boys and their families., continue to enjoy their lives, to love on my grandchildren and to spend time with Don…our 50th anniversary is next year!

Please consider this an honest and heartfelt plea to get your mammogram!  May God bless you greatly!