Hi there! I’m John Thomas. I came to stay with Aunt Tonja today. She always has great surprises for me!

Oh, look! A little doggie! That’s a great surprise, Aunt Tonja!

Hee! Hee! He’s licking me! It tickles!

Get down, Finn! Get down!

Finn: Let’s go! Wanna play! Wanna jump! Wanna lick! Let’s go! Let’s go!

John Thomas: OK, but no more of that jumping on me. ‘K ?

Finn: I’m sorry, JT. Let’s be buddies again.

JT: That’s OK, Finn! Let’s play follow-the-leader. I’m the leader!

Hey! That was fun, Finn!….. Finn?……. Finn!……. Where are you?

Oh, I see you. You’re just a tired little puppy! You rest, and we’ll play again next time I come visit. Sh…..


PS. Don’t tell Finn, but John Thomas took a nap, too!