Hi there! I’m John Thomas. I came to stay with Aunt Tonja today. She always has great surprises for me!

Oh, look! A little doggie! That’s a great surprise, Aunt Tonja!

Hee! Hee! He’s licking me! It tickles!

Get down, Finn! Get down!

Finn: Let’s go! Wanna play! Wanna jump! Wanna lick! Let’s go! Let’s go!

John Thomas: OK, but no more of that jumping on me. ‘K ?

Finn: I’m sorry, JT. Let’s be buddies again.

JT: That’s OK, Finn! Let’s play follow-the-leader. I’m the leader!

Hey! That was fun, Finn!….. Finn?……. Finn!……. Where are you?

Oh, I see you. You’re just a tired little puppy! You rest, and we’ll play again next time I come visit. Sh…..


PS. Don’t tell Finn, but John Thomas took a nap, too!




  1. Oh, that is the sweetest post! I know JT loves visiting Aunt Tonja.

  2. That was better than a whole movie, cartoon, newsreel and Saturday serial!!

    What a sweetie! Chris would love to have that sweet face to photograph—he's logged probably 20,000 pics of the Grands.

  3. How do you spell adorable? JOHN THOMAS, alternate spelling FINN

  4. ADORABLE!!! Both babies!

  5. justabeachkat |

    Awwwww…two adorable little guys!


  6. Awww, what a fun day for you and for JT and Finn. They're so precious, and I love JT's big blue eyes.

  7. Well, that was just pure sweetness!! What fun you must have had…did you take a nap too?

  8. Jackie Brannon Moring love this
    · .Dianne Frith Butterfield Precious, John Thomas looks like Tommy to me.
    .Tonja Townsend Owens I'll be sure to tell him…that will make his day!
    .Linda Bush Mills He is precious!
    · .Martha J Patterson so sweet! I agree with Diane, he does look like Tommy(or as he did many moons ago! Haven't seen him in years!)Which of his daughters presented him with this great joy?

  9. Donna Head Walker How precious! I know you loved having him!! I love being a 'great aunt'!!
    .Beverly Kendrick Haynes He looks like Alex when he was a baby.
    · .Sheila Chastain Thanks for sharing this. It is precious!
    · .Suzi Smith Jones I would snatch them both up and take them home with me in a heartbeat! Too precious 🙂

  10. Adorable. Puppies & babies, is there anything better? I think not!

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