This afternoon, I am leaving for a few days of R&R. (That’s RETAIL RENEWAL, in case you don’t know).It has become something of a tradition for my sister, Joy, and I to take our girls shopping for the week-end. This will be the first year Lori has gone with us, because she has been in college and grad school…forever! But, now she’s home, got a great job, and is going on an adventure with us. We always have such a great time together…and Lori will just add to the fun! We are heading up to Atlanta. Suzanne lived there for a few years and she’s a whiz on the Atlanta Raceway! I just hide my eyes until we get there! I do not want to see how close we are coming to the next car…she can change lanes and turn around and be going the opposite direction before I can even read the road sign! She teaches 3rd grade and has a holiday on Friday. Sweet Adam is coming to sit with Alex on Friday, and Mom will be with him on Sat. Tara is taking time off from her job at the hospital…and her sweet husband, Will, to go with us. Last year…she bought a Christmas Tree! No room for that this year or scarecrows either! Can you believe this car? This is what it looked like last year. And now there is another shopper. OH! MY!

This is such a sweet time for us, even if Joy and I embarrass them sometimes. They don’t like to pose for pictures…can you imagine? “This is for posterity!” I say. They just roll their eyes. Just know, I WILL take pics and share them with you when we get back (Sunday)….either they can pose nicely, or I’ll make some lovely candid shots to share with the world!