“GOD HAS GIVEN US THESE TIMES OF JOY.”                     Nehemiah 12:4

Our family and Suzanne’s family have all been watching the little miracle that is Levi as he grows and gets closer and closer to coming to be a part of our lives.  God has blessed us so!  Now, finally, it’s time for the celebrations to begin…as in Baby Showers.    Joy, Tara, Lori and Patty gave the first shower. 

 And, they decided that the Creek House was the place to hold it…which was just fine!    I did not have to lift a finger.    BUT…’having’ to and ‘wanting‘ to are two different things.  So, I set about doing a little sprucing up.  I worked on the mantel to make it more baby friendly.  I made a banner with Levi’s name in her nursery colors.

 And, I made a wreath for the front door.  But, I classify none of that as ‘work’… it was fun!  And the other stuff..the real work…wasn’t mine to do.  So, at the shower, I could sit down and enjoy watching Suze open her gifts and talk with the guests.  It was nice!  And, then….THEY did all the clean up, as well!   My kind of party!!!

She got some wonderful gifts, lots of the things she had registered for, and other sweet surprises!  These are just the gifts that arrived ahead of time!  Our friends are so kind and generous!

 And, it’s always such fun to welcome them into my home.  Some of those attending  were friends of Mom’s as well.  When they are here for things such as this, it makes me feel as if a part of her is here.  She did love to throw a party!  I know they loved her and they love me and my family.  Their support is like another hug from my sweet Mom!  Thank you my friends!

 Joy and Tara were at the house on Friday evening  getting a few things done ahead of time, and Suzanne came over to see everything.    Here is that sweet boy, John Thomas.  We were working on trying to slice 4 yards of brown and 4 yards of blue netting down the middle so we could make 2 bows for the front porch.   I finally handed this project off to Suzanne.  And, once she spread it out on the floor…John Thomas decided to plop down in the middle of it!  He was so funny!

Sweet girl did allow me to make a picture of she and Levi before she left.  Oh, and a little bit of JT, also.

OK…Don’t you think this is a cute outfit?  A little orange polo style romper, and cute little shoes, with orange stitching!  Too cute!  But, why is Suze cutting her eyes at me like that?

Don’t you love orange?  Well, there is a big rivalry between 2 of our universities, Alabama and Auburn…red and orange…she is Alabama red.  But, that’s not the reason.  I don’t even understand football.  Actually, I was thinking of all the orange highlights in my kitchen.  And, wouldn’t a picture of that sweet, sweet boy wearing that bright orange romper look great in my kitchen!?!!!  🙂  Just thinking  ahead, people.

And, look at this……

…the next gift she opened was this colorful ORANGE lion…from her mother, Mary.   Serendipitous, wouldn’t you say?   So I’m thinking Leo should definitely be in the picture with Levi in his cute ORANGE romper!!!  I’ll be sure to share it when it comes to pass.

Here is a picture of the table and the mantel decor.  OOPS!  I think the cloth has a little wave in it!

And, look!  Here’s the New Mommy and the New Grand Mommies!

And, so the gifts were all opened and displayed and ‘oohed and aahed’ over.  The friends were greeted and hugged and time spent ‘catching up’ with their news.  The cute duck cake (which had a serious molting problem…which Tara fixed) was cut…yummy!  the other party goodies were enjoyed too…along with the blue punch with 3 little ducks swimming happily!  Such a pretty table they set!

Time passed and Suzanne began to pack up the wonderful gifts.  The girls all did the clean up, and I took down the banner and wreath and sent them home with Suzanne.  Hugs all around…and then…it was over.   Suzanne took the gifts and spread them all out so that Adam could see them when he came home.  You know, I remember doing the same thing after my baby shower for Adam. 

It’s wonderful, bringing a new life into the world.  Despite the odds, God decided that Adam and Suzanne would be parents…and they will be fine ones.  I’ve thought often about the children that are born into the world that are not wanted, not looked forward to, and not held and cuddled and sang to.  It breaks my heart.  We are so blessed that God has chosen to send another baby to grace our family.  He is wanted by so many family and friends…he is looked forward to by the same…and, oh, how held and cuddled and sung to he will be.  God is good…and all praise goes to Him!