Thanks for all your prayers. Pop is continuing to recover well. But Sis and I are learning some hilarious things while he’s on the morphine pump. With just a little prodding, he’ll tell lots of “good stuff”. :). Got some more news yesterday. While I was in a new pharmacy trying to find Alex’s meds. His regular pharmacy closed down without warning…so here I am running all over town looking for his meds. AND, trying to get meds for myself….I have a case of bronchitis and a sinus infection. ANYWHO… whi9le in a pharmacy…Mom’s Doctor call and says, “your Mom is hemmoraging and I have just admitted her. Meet me at the hospital.” OOOOKKKKKK. Get AL’s meds, take them home, call Sis, head to hospital and find Mom. She has been bleeding rectally since SUNDAY! But she wanted to make sure Pop got his surgery and started healing. These parents…What am I gonna do with them? Time Out Beds, I’m thinking. Mom will be starting tests this morning . So, PRAYERS, PLEASE…again.