I am humbled that I was given the “You Lift Me Up” Award by my friend Dianne. I am of the opinion that we were put on this earth to serve the Lord. And we serve Him best by doing the things He would do. Because He made us all different, and put us all in different situations…we all have things to share. And this blogging community we belong to is a great way to do it. I have learned from so many of you. Many of you have experienced things that I have not, and when you share your “lessons learned”…you are serving me and others. Likewise, I hope that when I share my experiences, you learn from me. If I can “lift you up”, then I have succeeded. It takes very little to brighten another person’s day…a smile, a hug, or maybe an e-mail. And, I think God is pleased when we do this.

Thank-you, Dianne. It is always a joy to read your posts. Your kindness shows through what you write, your comments are always uplifting. I am proud to call you