That is right, my friends…10 weeks…10 little weeks. Excuse me while I hyperventilate a little! In the few days that remain in the year of our Lord, 2008, I have much, MUCH to be done!

1. I have 3 programs to prepare. One will have appr. 75 children, and the other two will have appr. 35 children each. Parts must also be given out and practiced…along with all the music.

2. I have 2 shirts to design. One for the kids and one for the adults. Then orders must be taken, and then given out when they come in. Thank goodness for Paula!

3. I am building a house…bet you hadn’t heard. 🙂 We could move at anytime during the next month. However, there is still some furniture to be ordered…including a bed…so I hope it takes a few more weeks. No, I really don’t mean that. I would like for it to be tomorrow because I am going bonkers trying to live with things packed in boxes all around me. I’ll sleep on the floor if necessary.

4. I still have major packing to do…but not nearly as much as I have had. Most of what I have left is MY closet. I tend to procrastinate in the things that cause me the greatest stress. I am procrastinating big time here.

5. I have Christmas gifts to shop for. Of all years, why did I not complete this task earlier? Think everyone on my list would like a Barnes and Nobel gift certificate?

6. Alex has had a particularly bad few days and I need to be available as much as possible.

7. I still have clothes to wash from the Maui trip! I know…I feel your shame. But, since I have not needed those sun dresses and shorts here at home…I have just let it slide. But, I refuse to take dirty clothes to the Creek House! Mom, I know you want to deny ever knowing me about now. EDITED TO ADD: I have gotten all but some ‘wash me alone’ pieces done.

8. There are still decisions to be made at the house. We are waiting for the rest of the travertine to come in from Turkey. Not Turkey, NC…Turkey the country! (there really is a turkey, NC) Is there no place closer to get this stuff? Also, because our builder made a little mistake…we are waiting for more tin to come in. I am having a pressed tin backsplash in the kitchen, and as a ceiling in the guest bathroom. Alex’s bed is being built. It is going to be really neat with all the room controls built into the nightstands. Also, all his music will be controlled from there, too. He will have everything within reach for those days he does not feel well enough to be up. There will also be handrails to assist him.

9. And the people I live with keep wanting to wear clean clothes and eat food three times a day! If they would stop…maybe I could get all caught up and get ready to move. Fat chance!

10. And in case you had forgotten, there is Halloween and Thanksgiving thrown in the mix. We are not much on Halloween in our family now that the boys are all grown. And it looks as if Thanksgiving may be a big delicious bowl of Taco Soup! And everyone better be thankful to get that, cause as stressed as I am now…it will be double that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. And, I’m sure you’ve heard that little saying ’bout “if Mama ain’t happy…”. 🙂

And in the midst of all of this, Ian has to travel back to NC for a doctor’s visit. He has it all under control, and does not need my help with that. Very resourceful, that young man. AND, he is bringing a friend down from Birmingham to our big National Peanut Festival the week of Halloween. So sorry she can not stay with us, but where sould she stay? I could lay a mattress across some boxes…but that probably would not leave too good of an impression. So, I think she will stay with Adam and Suzanne. Thanks so much, you two, for helping out.

Isn’t this wonderful? The more I look at all of this, the happier I become! Look how God is blessing us? Wonderful family, great friends, all willing to come and help us out. A new house, and plans for plenty good times to come! So…”BACK-OFF, STRESS!!”…I plan to enjoy this! And, hey, you friends out in Blogsville…send up a few prayers, please, to keep this Mama happy!