If you could only shop at one department store for the rest of your life…which one would you choose?

Zogby International, a marketing research and polling firm asked this question to 24,964 people, and this is the result:





Kohl’s………..5% each

Neiman Marcus,
Bloomingdales…..2% each

Interesting, isn’t it? I would have to ask one question before I could answer their question. I would need to know if that is ONLY STORE I could shop at or just the only DEPARTMENT STORE I could shop at.

If it was the ONLY STORE I could shop at, my answer would be Target. Because they have a pharmacy and food and garden center. And, I have been really impressed with the selection and quality of their merchandise since they opened here.

But, if it was the only DEPARTMENT STORE, I am not really sure. Our town doesn’t really have much to offer as far as major department stores in other cities. We have a Belk, Dillards, Kohls, Sears, and JCP. I really enjoy shopping at Macy’s when I shop out of town, but I also have been pretty impressed with Kohl’s since they opened here recently.

Interesting survey, and it was taken over a 2 year time period. But, it would make me very sad to have to limit myself to one store from now on. What about you? What would you choose? And I’ll make it easier for you…I’m speaking ONLY of department stores…you can still go to any drug store or grocery store you want to.
(Information on poll from Wallet Pop)