Doesn’t this picture just make you want to scream and run the other way? It does me! The past few days I have been going through all…ALL…my Christmas ‘stuff’.We are planning to build a house this year, and I do not want to take anything there that I do not use. So, I’m sorting through EVERYTHING related to Christmas, purging and packing and labelling. This is not really my idea of fun. But, our architect says we will be in by next Christmas, so if I do it now, it won’t have to be done then.

I am one of these crazy folks who likes to decorate for every season and holiday. So, I have ‘stuff’…lots of ‘STUFF’…TOO. MUCH. STUFF. So, my big resolution for the year…wait, I don’t want to call it a resolution..that sounds too hard…my GOAL is to sort through and discard as I go along. I did it in the fall, and I’m closing in on Christmas. But, I just can’t believe I have all this mess. Now, I have to admit, I am not one to throw away something if there is the remotest possibility that I will need it at any time in the near or distant future. But, of course, I can never can find it when I do need it. I KNOW I have it….just not WHERE I have it.

The biggest problem I have with a project like this, is my ADD. It is so hard for me to keep focused on anything for very long. Well…here I am blogging instead of working right now! It really is hard, as those of you similarly afflicted know. Your mind is not happy in one mode for very long…it needs to move on. I want to stay at it until I finish…I really do, but first thing I know, I’m in another room doing something else not even related.

Well, Don has gotten one of those big trash containers delivered to our house, and he is going to clean out the garage, and we are going to put these things I am packing in there and when it gets time to move, it will just be a matter of moving the organized, labeled boxes full of only the stuff I really want. Sounds great, huh? Only with God’s help will it happen. I do have a friend who is going to help and the girl who cleans for me is going to help also. Maybe it is a possibility…we’ll see.

I’ve talked to you friends long enough…I’m going back in….wish me luck!