I left school Friday and hurriedly ran to Kohl’s to see if they had any shorts left on their 75% off rack…since I am going on vacation soon and it would be nice to have a new pair or 2…you understand. Didn’t find any, but did find a Christmas tree. Imagine that! And they were all 40% off. Any way, I bought the tree, and it was cumbersome, so I asked if I could take it out in the cart. The manager had happened to walk up, and she said that if I drove up to the front door, she would bring it out to the car for me. So, I did. I got it in the car, and cranked up, just as a woman walked in front of the car. She was a tiny little thing, wearing tennis shorts. I started to drive off, and heard the most awful noise. I looked around to see what it was, and saw people running toward the car…but they ran past me, and stopped in the road. She had been hit by a car as she was crossing the road. The other people who saw it said she went flying through the air before landing right beside my car. I got out to help, since I have some medical knowledge. I raised her feet, and someone else held her head still. She was not bleeding anywhere that we could see, but was complaining about her leg. The paramedics and ambulance came and transported her to the hospital. I still do not know her condition. Of course, my car was hemmed in by all the medical and police, so I just waited. There were several police who came, and one of them started barking out questions. “Whose car is this?” “It’s mine,” I said. “Why are you parked here?” I explained why I was there. “Don’t you know this is not a loading zone?” “Well, I had not thought about that, but the store manager suggested I wait here to pick up something.” “Well, why didn’t you leave?” “Because, there was this accident, and a woman got hit by a car and she landed right beside my car.” DUH! “Why are you still here, Mam?” “Because, she was lying beside my car and moaning with pain…and since I am a nurse, I thought I could maybe offer some assistance until the paramedics arrived.” “Well, you need to move your car…there’s nothing left to see here.” STEAM IS RISING FROM MY HEAD NOW. Is he some idiot, or what? “Do ya think I should wait until that PATROL CAR gets out of the way first?” Such a snotty man. I got in my car and sat there until the police moved…and THEN I moved. It was so unnecessary for him to be so hateful. I do not know why some people think just because they are in an authoritative position, it gives them the right to act like that. I was trying to be a good citizen and help if I could. Maybe the reason more people do not get involved when they see an accident is due to police officers like that. I am happy to say though, that while I was there several other ladies stopped who were nurses or medical specialists and also offered to help. Good for our city. We have a kind and caring citizenship…in spite of rude police officers!
I have checked with the newspaper and the TV station and a local news guy to try to find out about the woman that was hit. No one even seems to have any record that it happened. And, I know I did not dream the whole thing! (I do not THINK I dreamed the whole thing.) If anyone in my town knows anything about it, please leave me a comment. I would just like to know the condition of the woman.