I have scanned 70 wedding pics into the computer today and color corrected (what little I can) almost all of them. They are still orangey around the edges, and the colors have faded out in spots, but at least they are now safe from further damage.

FYI…I KNOW I was much more grown up than I look like in these pictures. I was a very mature 19 year old! And, Don…well doesn’t he look like a very mature 21? Just babies…just babies. Our wedding date–December 30, 1972.

And, these were my bridesmaid’s dresses. I know, everyone thought I was crazy back then, too. They all said, “But, they don’t look like bridesmaids dresses.” No, no
they didn’t…but I loved them. And, the flowers, too. Just my style!

Mom, Pop, me, and Joy. I don’t know how Mom got her hair up so high! And, those ruffled shirts and BIG bow ties! Wow, how styles change! I remember that her orchid corsage was the same color as her dress. And, the same color orchids were in my bouquet! Thanks, June…I had the most gorgeous bouquets!

Could my ‘going away outfit’ be any bolder? And, I still have my new black, suede shoes!