Our Girl’s shopping trip was a hit! We had the most beautiful weather in Atlanta…cool, sunny…perfect! Our time together was blest! We shopped, ate shopped some more, ate some more, shopped again, lugged it all inside and proceeded to show off our wares! We all made significant progress on our Christmas shopping lists….as well as a few items just for us. Don’t ya think we are all looking quite perky? We had a minor snafu with the motel we had reservations in…but we moved on to a better situation, and liked it even better! Day one had us at the Atlanta Apparel Mart looking for jewelry and bags, then on to Home Goods, DSW shoes, and Crate and Barrel…topped off by a wonderful dinner at P.F.Changs. Day 2 up early for a stop at Jo-Anns,Phipps Plaza, Lenox Square, Perimeter Mall, N. Point Mall…and a fine dinner WITH dessert at the Cheesecake Factory! Lugging those packages in and trying to consolidate in to smaller packages took up the remainder of the evening. Up early on Sunday, a stop at Barnes and Nobel..that was all that was opened! Then on to the N. Ga. Premium Outlets….used a quick 4 hours there, back through Atlanta for a quick stop at World Market, then on the road to Dothan.
As you can see from the pics in the car…our vehicle was like a rolling department store…with 5 very tired employees! You can see me clutching my very last bill just wishing I could make 1 more stop…but, alas!, no room! Suzanne, as usual, was our chaueffer extroidinaire! She knows Atlanta and that traffic isn’t going to get the best of her…oh No! Mam! it’s NOT! She got us every where we needed to be…in one piece! What a wonderful time the 5 of us had together! So happy Lori could join us this year! We reaffirmed our love for one another and how blessed we are to be a family and to be in each other’s lives. We were able to see that God has a hand in ALL things, even the timing of this shopping trip. He had the 5 of us together for a very specific reason. We all acknowledge this and thank God for His timing and guidance. How wonderful to be a Christian woman, in the company of other Christian women, and know that whatever you do, and wherever you go…it is God who lovingly guides and directs your paths. Oh, how great and mighty is our God!
On a strictly personal note…I know I am blest to have been raised in and to live in a family who loves and honors the Lord. It is a gift I do not take lightly. Alex did well while I was gone, and even had a little better day on Saturday. He was well looked after by his Dad and his Granny and Pop. Below are a few pictures of our adventure: