I have read some alarming news today and I wish to share it with you, in case you haven’t heard. New Line Cinema is releasing a movie geared to children on December 7
The movie, The Golden Compass, is not at all what it is portrayed to be in the reviews and trailers. The makers of this film are hoping that you will associate it with the Chronicles Of Narnia, but it happens to be the exact opposite. This is a very dark and sinister movie. It is the first movie in a trilogy based in the books by Philip Pullman, an avowed atheist. It is about the death of organized religion and the overthrow of God. His objective in writing this series called His Dark Materials, is to counteract the symbolism of Christ that was evidenced in The Chronicles of Narnia. While the movie may seem innocent enough, the real danger is in the books. And promoters of the movie are hoping that children and teens who see the movie will then request the books for Christmas. In the final book, characters who represent Adam and Eve eventually kill God. Pullman has been quoted as saying.”I loathe the Narnia books. I hate them with a deep and bitter passion. I don’t know whether there is a God or not. No one does, no matter what they say.” The movie is set in a parallel universe where every one’s soul in manifest as a “daemon” or talking animal. The “church” is kidnapping children and cutting the invisible thread that binds them to their “daemon”…thus removing their souls. Sounds like great holiday viewing, doesn’t it?

Once again, the ‘powers that be’ in Hollywood are deciding what our children and teens should see. And, then manipulating us into spending our money to purchase vile literature for our children to read. I, for one, will have none of it. And I plan to use my little voice in this big, big world to take a stand against it. I will tell as many people as I have opportunity to about this latest effort to tarnish the minds of today’s youth.

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